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Dear Angry Protester: I never cared if you were “gay’ or whatever acronym you chose to call yourself,  until you started making a public nuisance and spectacle of yourself, demanding attention and public adulation.  When you forced your way into the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade,  and started to adopt straight orphans and teach gay sex in […]

A Left-Coast Liberal girl stirs up trouble in Cambridge. She may be able to walk away after the Shit hits the Fan,  – but what about her co-workers…?  Where do they get their next job?  This pretty troublemaker may be on Soros’ payroll….

Mayor Hyphenated’s groveling video apology to BLM hasn’t tamed the Beast,  so the Governor has called up the Guard. At RRB we wonder at “Liberal Logic” – which compels some people to bow,  kneel,  wash feet,  and apologize,  – first for slavery which ended 155 years ago,  – then ‘for any words which may have […]

In 1969 America was fighting two wars,  – one in Vietnam, – the other in our streets. We lost in Vietnam because inept generals,  craven politicians,  – and the liberal Media.  It split our society in two.  Today the Media is still cheering on those same commies and anarchists.

The layers of irony and hypocrisy are deep here,  – as an all-white crowd of spoiled college kids mob a motorist,  – who turns out to be the mayor of a nearby small town,  – one who works for a living. Medford Oregon may be the whitest town in the state – if not the […]

The Soros Mob that took over six city blocks in Seattle, – and then occupied City Hall have suffered an embarrassing public humiliation:  Their “dinner guests” stole all their food. While Mayor Durkan and Governor Jay Inslee may be content to wait out the rebels, – in hopes that they’ll get really hungry and fade […]

Protests,  riots,  looting,  arson,  even murder – across our nation is not a response to the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.  This has been planned, rehearsed, – and is being paid for… While many of the participants caught up in the emotions of the moment ~ believe ~ they are engaging in “legitimate protests”,  […]

In Facebook Jail AGAIN!

May 3rd, 2020

Damn, – I’ve managed to trigger the snowflakes again.  Guess I should’a posted a picture of a kitten…

Northam is the ‘pediatric neurosurgeon’ who carefully explained that if an unwanted baby was born alive,  – it ‘would be made comfortable’,  – while he and the mother proceeded to ‘have a discussion…’