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Washington is still too close to call,  but 4 of the 5 other states have made a clear statement,  – they prefer the crook they know to the commie they don’t. Dems seem resigned to go with the coin-operated dementia-riddled corruptocrat over the lifelong commie…. UPDATE:  11 pm Wed night:  Biden now leads Bernie in […]

Proving that 21st Century Americans SUCK at basic Math,  Brian Williams goes on the air – with a graphic,  – to lend credibility to an internet myth about Mike Bloomberg’s recent campaign spending…. Well,  this fake war hero was only off by six (6) zeros….  The sad part is that having seen his broadcast, many […]

It was Michigan that in November 2016 forever dashed Hillary’s White House dreams.  Maybe she took those 1.2 million voters in the 2016 Democrat Primary as a “SURE THING”,  – but she forgot the 1.3 million Republicans who’d voted the same day. There are 7,671,381 registered voters in Michigan – NOT registered by party.  They […]

Her get’um only 48 delegates,  come in LAST in 9 states,  – even native Oklahoma! The ugly reality for Democrats this morning is they’re left with two (2) losing choices:   Biden’s growing Dementia,  – or Bernie’s raging Communism.   Those few remaining Harry Truman and JFK Democrats (basically pro-Labor Patriots) – have nowhere to go, – […]

8% in SC,  13.7% in Nevada,  24.5% back in NH….it seems the longer people listen to him,  – the fewer votes he’s been getting. Some people found his manner and tone a little condescending.  Others just didn’t want to see a US President kissing a man….  Maybe the enormity of the Coronavirus problem intimidated him…?

South Carolina just proved that the Old Commie has no Southern Strategy, – and even turns off key voter blocks in the New South.  Trusty Plantation Overseer – 79 year old James Clyburn faithfully delivered the Black Vote for his old master – Creepy Joe,  – but those voters were resigned, coerced, and unenthusiastic. With […]

It’s gonna turn out on Tuesday – the only voters she’ll get are the old dried-up Hillary women…and their pussified husbands. 

Looks like the pollsters better rework their techniques!! Around our Young Republic,  Democrats and Millennials are scraping the bottom of the barrel to find their 2020 challenger to Trump.   South Carolina votes tomorrow (Saturday, Feb 29th ),  – and the ranting old man with obvious mental impairments is seriously leading the old man who still admires […]

The Democrat Party of FDR, Harry Truman, and JFK is totally dead, these seven officiated at the wake Tuesday night.  They were like unruly children.  If choosing our next president weren’t so serious – this would have been entertaining. Front runner Bernie the Buzzard is still giving flying lessons: video 

What if,…what IF,…what if only he hadn’t been so headstrong?  Today old-time Democrats know their party is being ripped apart at the seams,  – mostly because of their own doing,  – decades of blaming Republicans and pillorying the Captains of Industry. As their Pied Piper of FREE SHIT leads the Millennial Generation toward Venezuela and Cuba,  Democrats […]