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Trump has sent Cease and Desist Letters to the RNC,  the RNCC,  and the RNSC to stop using his name and likeness (photos / images) in fundraising. He’s learned an important lesson;  – that not everybody who claims to be a Republican really is, – and many are coin-operated RiNOs and backstabbers,  – like the […]

Watch what is happening out in Nevada folks,  – it is a harbinger of the 2022 Mid-Terms…and spells doom for our Constitutional Republic. The Progressive wing (closet Communists) just seized control of the Nevada Democrat State Committee – in a ‘virtual election’ which many claim was rife with fraud – and ‘glitches’….

The American Action Network (AAN) a 501(c)(4) political action group is targeting weak and vulnerable Democrats,  – who sit in seats they think Republicans could win back in 2022. It is really good to see Republicans and Conservatives united and fighting back!

Eight (8) Democrat US Senators voted against his $15/hr minimum wage bill.  It is a major repudiation of his entire socialist agenda.

The Communist Left is running amok,  – finding hate and racism in Dr. Seuss,  in statues,  in literature,  and in decades-old American music.  They can find racism where none exists,  – and just by pointing to it – they can get stupid Americans to cancel things.  F-U-C-K THEM!  

Neera Tanden is a snarky commie who has worked for every vile Democrat since Mike Dukakis,  – to include both Clintons and Obama.  Biden wanted this foul mouth Witch to run OMB. Joe Manchin objected – strongly!  Tonight the Biden WH pulled her nomination rather than live through a defeat on live TV.  She’ll get […]

Is the Mayor of Cocaine City really ready to give up the racket? 

Richard Neal: Clueless MassHOLE

February 28th, 2021

The Chair of the House Ways & Means Committee cannot tell us how America can ever pay for this SLUSH FUND bill,….and the clueless MEDIA won’t ask him!  He’s another Pelosi Sock Puppet! All those retired NY City union workers who now populate the Berkshires absolutely LOVE this career spendocrat.

RRB thinks we’re looking at a future American President.

Has Wall Street Finally Woken Up?

February 25th, 2021

Joe Biden is a career cheat,  plagiarizer,  grifter,  and kleptocrat, – who now is obviously suffering from dementia…. After 5 weeks of denial and rising stocks,  have the big money investors begun to sell off – while they can…? How long before Joe is blundering through his first big international crisis – advised by VP […]