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AMMO UP Folks!  It’s about to be a long,  hot,  ugly summer! If you think we’re watching chaos along our Mexican Border,  – just watch what is about to happen across America’s big and small cities this summer.  The forces of George Soros – AntiFA and BLM have their flares and Molotovs ready,  – and […]

Some deny,  some ignore,  some scoff,  some don’t even know… WHY have American high schools stopped teaching about WWII and about the Holocaust? Who benefits if future generations of Americans grow up as historic vacuums?

At RRB we wonder if all those Christians down in Georgia really understood the mind and soul of the man they were voting for,  – or were they just looking at skin color? 

China Jill Biden “First Lady” to China Joe, – should have taken Spanish lessons from Alec Baldwin’s wife Hilaria…. Jill’s first public speaking venture was in Wednesday – in Delano California,  – to celebrate the birthday of communist farm union organizer César Chávez who combined striking Filipino and Mexican farm workers into the Unión de […]

April Fool’s Day 2021

April 1st, 2021

The Communist Chinese have the American pResident they’ve dreamed of for decades;  – a wire-guided coin-operated babbling puppet,  – no longer even capable of cogent thoughts or words. Today in Pittsburgh China Joe Biden announced the bare-bones framework for his $2 TRILLION “infrastructure bill” – a combination of the familiar “roads & bridges” and AOC’s […]

We shouldn’t spend another dime or cast another uninformed vote before we know the hard truth….  

For the second full year in a row – the insanity continues in Communist Oregon. George Soros has picked Seattle and Portland as his training grounds,  – his basic training camps for AntiFA and BLM.  He’s been aided and abetted by Communist city councils,  mayors,  prosecutors,  and two utterly spineless governors.

The Progressive’s (communist’s) campaign to remake our Supreme Court has begun – with a NY Times op-ed from a wacky Colorado law professor.  First they stole the Presidential Election by hacking voting machines,  – and did it again to steal the two Georgia US Senate seats.  That was just the set-up… NOW they want the […]

Admiral Davidson commands all US Forces in the Western Pacific and Indian ocean theaters, – where China is a growing menace to world peace and regional stability. His report to the Senate Armed Services Committee – now led by Democrats,  – will displease Biden (if he hears about it),  – because Biden expects the Chinese […]