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Don’t let their bombastic lies and distortions fool you! The ELEPHANTS in the ROOM are those ongoing campaign contributions (aka F-R-E-E MONEY) from Planned Parenthood.   Killing babies – mostly Black and Hispanic babies,  – has become their way of life.

Jimmy Carter or Al Gore would have drawn a bigger crowd….

This isn’t too far from the truth.  VIDEO: 

The media said Biden was home “doing debate prep”…

Desperation, – an empty quiver, – and a total disregard for the TRUTH causes Joe’s people to tell a sob story about a bar owner going broke….  

Joe Biden Buys A Milk Shake

October 18th, 2020

This was Joe’s much-awaited weekend campaign event in North Carolina,  – a stop at Riverside High in Durham –  and a little schmoozing with the locals… The media lapdogs took pictures (NOT of the crowd),  – and asked no questions about Ukrainian and Chinese deals,  crack pipes,  lost laptops,  pregnant strippers,  or court-stacking…. For Joe […]

If you want a peek into what our Young Republic will become if ever the new progressive left achieves their ‘revolution’ – just look at Seattle,  Portland,  and San Francisco.  2 videos:

In a predawn parade in Pyongyang,  the NorKs unveiled their new giant ICBM,  – carried on an equally impressive 22-wheel TEL. We are left wondering if China Joe can find Pyongyang on an unmarked map…

90-minute video:  

It was a town hall (likely staged) on Monday in Miami.  Biden’s answer should sicken you,  – and his obvious physical difficulty should alarm you.  He’s fading fast.