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Tonight should have been the rebirth of our resurgent 21st Century Republican State Party. That didn’t happen. The 1970s RiNOs prevailed – just 41 of them, [just over half the assembled committee critters] – elected Party Chair Barbie II – aka the Disney Singer – as your new MassGOP Chair.  Bob Maginn got a silver bowl […]

To the 40± MassGOP Committee Members still ~ thinking ~ about voting for Kirsten Hughes. Please look forward to 2014 and 2016 – visualize Hillary Clinton [maybe running with John Kerry] – and vote for Rick Green. We need a real leader to be ready, and Folks, this giggling Disney Singer – she ain’t it! For years […]

Tell us you didn’t vote to raise taxes! With age come experience – and learning to trust your instincts. On the two occasions I’ve had to observe Ms. Hughes up close, my instincts were screaming at me: ‘Something ain’t right here!’ Now on my computer screen is a report by way of Red Mass Group – […]

PINO… The party in name only.

January 22nd, 2013

Last night Iron Mike and I went to cover the Massachusetts GOP Chairman Candidate Forum in Gardner.  We braved the snow… and arrived at Williams Restaurant greeted by Kirsten’s loyal following.  They looked a lot like Scott Brown’s loyal following.  And as numerous as well. I’m going to keep this brief, as Iron Mike did […]

Oh Gawd, Here We Go Again!

January 17th, 2013

I went to the MassGOP Chair forum in Lexington tonight.  I went to watch, to listen, and to judge. I didn’t stay for the end – I didn’t need to.  OK, so I’m a judgmental old bastard, – combat and command will do that to a man.   For better or worse, I now render judgment:

Hell Of A Job Runty!

November 7th, 2012

I can’t even bring myself to write about the disaster that has befallen our Young Republic today.  The nation I have known for seven decades may be crumbling before me. The government dependents now outnumber and outvote the workers! Here in Massachusetts, Runty Maginn can claim credit for sending a new Democrat to the US […]

Warren: Cherokee For Hypocrisy!

October 29th, 2012

She’s been campaigning against big companies, big banks, Republicans in general, and Scott Brown in particular. She says SHE wrote the law creating the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau – ‘to prevent fraud and abuse’. It’s been a year of unending LIES!

It wasn’t a real debate – it was a media-driven ‘event’. I knew that because the lots all said ‘Event Parking – $20’. The Republicans supporters arrived to hold signs a bit late – they couldn’t come until after work.  The union folks were there in droves [$11.oo/hr] – donning white t-shirts and chanting as directed. […]

Today Mrs. RR and I helped at a standout in Chelmsford, MA for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  It was a beautiful Saturday morning, sunny and 70 degs.  There were 7 corners at the intersection we were covering.  By the time we got there many were already holding signs.  The democrats showed no emotion or […]