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The Leander Independent School District is in Leander – just 10 miles north of über-liberal Austin, Texas,  – an otherwise conservative state.  Listen to what one mother found in a book her son brought home.    WHO is putting this POISON in our schools?   VIDEO:

Destroyed From Within….

July 25th, 2021

Members of the crowd showed no respect or reverence for the dementia patient. McAuliffe is one of the most corrupt and dirty Democraps in the nation.  Why do Biden’s handlers think he needs to be seen supporting him…?

As in many schools around our country – elected board members,  – usually liberals of mediocre backgrounds,  – have suddenly become strutting popinjays of WOKENESS,  – and are exercising powers not granted by any Constitution or Laws. Knowing instinctively they are on dangerous legal and social quicksand,  they are making brash pronouncements and enacting policies […]

With clarity, courage, and poise seldom seen in adults,  – this 9-year old girl takes on the white liberal hypocrites of her school board,  – and shames them!

The burning issue of our day  – transgender boys who insist on playing sports on girl’s teams – where their larger,  stronger bodies give them a decisive advantage?

For over an hour Trump recounted successes,  explained challenges,  and shared his vision for an even greater America.  Dem’s were hating it,  – particularly this clip: FULL SPEECH below the fold:

We keep seeing reports on various news outlets – teachers who ‘are scared’ or worse – refusing to return to the classroom when their various governors and mayors allow schools to reopen. Some say they “…won’t return until it’s safe!” Really?

As hysteria-driven Progressive Governors are ordering schools closed;  – some like California for the remainder of the school year,….have we been given an opening to finally break the government / teacher union stranglehold on our kids’ minds? Home schooling works!   Those who have tried it know you can move quickly through the daily curriculum in […]