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Charlie FAKER Has A NEW Worry!

December 9th, 2021

Governor Charlie Baker gets to name a replacement District Attorney for Suffolk County,  – since Rachael Rollins will be the new US (Soros) Attorney for Massachusetts…. But naming a new Suffolk County DA may be the least of his worries. Did he actively assist in thwarting or delaying Justice for his groping son AJ?   Are […]

Gee Charlie,  does this mean that young AJ finally has a court date?

Charlie,  are MassHole state employees required to sign any kind of ethics and behavior code?   Do you know yet if Ms. Dorrance has been paying taxes on her extra income?

They call a bill “bipartisan” when spineless politicians sell their votes and line their pockets.   And so it was Friday night…. Damned shame that horsewhipping has gone out of style…

Chris barely won his 2020 re-election by 51% – with a spoiler libertarian in the race.   He should be easy pickings. She ~ says ~she’s a ‘Conservative Republican’.  Given her RiNO husband’s track record,  – how can we take her at her word?

You,  – your kids,  – and your grandkids will pay for this for at least 100 years. $1 Trillion for “infrastructure”,   – and NOTHING for the WALL?

    Brace yourselves:   Arm Candy will be left in charge!

We have to report this news with tongue-in-cheek.   Former 4-term State Rep (7th Plymouth) and failed State Senate (2015) and US Senate (2018) candidate Geoff Diehl has announced his run for Governor of MassHole (as a Republican),  – before Charlie Faker has had a chance to decide on running for a Third Term. Geoff’s problems […]

Like jackals and buzzards circling a dying animal,  the never-Trumpers are gathering for a feast. When you see names like Evan McMullin and Anthony Scaramucci,  you know their intentions are unseemly…and very self-serving.