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Has ANY Democrat – anywhere – E-V-E-R told the TRUTH?

Again Folks,  if you think Chicago’s Sunday morning looting spree was about ‘race’ – or ‘Black Lives’,  – you’ve bought and swallowed the George Soros propaganda like a willing stooge. Growing up in Chicago,  Latrell and his brothers had many opportunities to avail themselves of educational and work opportunities.  They should have finished high school […]

Gee, a BILLION here,  – $40 Million over there,…and Kaepernick still isn’t throwing footballs…   Did Nike make some terrible business decisions?

Don’t mess with Texas! When you ‘protest’ the wrong issues,  and do so by threatening violence against others (statues, police,  the rich,  – a different race),  – and you’re carrying weapons as part of your protests,…there is an inevitability of death.  It came Saturday night on the streets of Austin Texas.  VIDEO:

Will John Henry have a similar banner painted across from Planned Parenthood? If things go south and the fans don’t return,  – will he have to sell the Red Sox,  – or the Boston Globe?

This lady clearly gets it – that the Media and the Democrat Party are playing out a Kabuki Theater around George Floyd, – in an effort to make Joe Biden (or Stacey Abrams) our puppet president. Just guessing that YouTube will end up pulling this video.

First, investigative journalism died at the Times when they failed to vet Obama in 2007-08.  Objectivity died there after Benghazi,  and was buried when they cheered Hillary’s campaign.  Now Free Speech has been killed just inside their employee entrance.  You shall ONLY write what makes their collection of LibTurd Pansies feel virtuous…

Hypocrites Like Big Tits?   He’s the epidemiologist professor who came up with the curves proving all of England would die if the Government didn’t place the island nation in LOCKDOWN! She’s the political activist married mom who broke Lockdown and went across London looking for some extra-curricular extra credit – in his place.