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Media Keeps Hyping Pandemic Porn

December 30th, 2021

We can only guess why,…maybe writing hysterical stories is ~ way ~ cheaper than hiring REAL reporters…? And what would REAL reporters dig into?   Biden’s utter failures?  His mental condition?  Kamala’s “career moves”?  Illegal immigration?  Inflation?  Gas prices?   The growing Chinese Navy?

       Obey!   Obey!   Obey your all-knowing Government! Doctor Doom’s 35-minute rambling talk below the fold:

NEVER let a tornado go to waste….. Criswell is the typical politically savvy Democrap opportunist,  – jumping on CNN to spread fear of more tornadoes, – then getting her picture taken briefing the Dementia Patient.

You knew that things were getting tense and edgy at CNN when they rehired Jeffrey Toobin. Are on-air lawyers that hard to find? Now Chris Wallace is departing Fox and joining CNN.  Four long years of his anti-Trump slap-shots endeared him to few,  – and they stopped watching Fox anyway….

We can easily imagine what kind of a monster VP Kneepads must be to work for.  What happened to trigger Ashley’s sudden resignation? What was the breaking point Ashley?

Admits the Biden White House is “working with” Facebook to monitor and “correct disinformation” about Covid… This is hardly “Public Health”.  This is the private social media giant run by Mark Zuckerberg acting as the information arm of the US Government.   And he may actually be an agent of Red China. 

How desperate for a paycheck can Camerota be to smile and welcome this creep?