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Trump visited in Louisiana and Texas to see the damage for himself. When everything is under water – it’s good to know the President is there – and that he cares.

When does he sleep?!?!   Trump flew into Manchester, NH Friday evening for an airport rally,  – less than 24 hours after finishing the 2020 RNC.  He would wear out men half his age! Rally video below the fold:

Vice President Mike Pence’s acceptance speech at historic Fort McHenry,  – scene of the historic battle that began on Tuesday, 13 September 1814,  – could not have been more on target and more perfect. President Trump and Melania joined him when it was over. 2 videos:

RNC 2020: The McCloskeys Speak

August 25th, 2020

I was tired – but stayed up to watch,  – and was glad I did.   What an enormous difference from watching the hate-spewing Democrats last week!  Each speaker touched a key area where Trump has kept his promises and kept America FIRST. As riots raged in several Democrat-run American cities,  the delivery by the McCloskeys […]

It seems Trump has won over the hearts and minds of Working Americans – of both parties….

Day after day,  night after night,  Portland cops are faced with anarchy, violence, and insurrection.  Their über-liberal mayor refuses to call for federal help,  as does hard-left Governor Kate Brown. The three City Councilors (the witches from MacBeth) are hard-core commies who have already voted to defund the police,  and County Attorney Schmidt is a Soros stooge […]

The entire State of Oregon has been in a quiet anti-government rebellion for a decade,  – which is precisely why Soros and AntiFA picked Portland as their test tube.   They knew the Mayor and the Governor were secretly on their side…. Wheeler is simply wasted sperm.  Governor Kate Brown has the resources to quell the […]

Bedminster, NJ   Fri, 7 August 2020   Trump holds a news conference and a smart-aleck young reporter tries to make a point… BOOM! Isn’t it odd – the media never seems to learn that Trump hits back?

Memorial Day 2020 Lake Havasu Boat Parade Did the MSM cover this event?   Of course not!   H/T: Panther 6