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Trump has been working tirelessly for 3½ years to strengthen NATO,  – to get Europe to step up and pay and contribute their fair share, – and to stop acting subservient to Russia, China, Islam, and Globalism.   Pushing the ever-recalcitrant Merkel to act decisively, – Trump announced a US troop cut in Germany. Immediately Willard […]

Trump delivers good news for Americans,  – and in particular for Wisconsin shipyard workers, – and the anti-American media immediately spins it as corrupt. Fincantieri Marine won a contract to build 10 new fast guided missile frigates – FFG(X) – essentially on a design successfully used by several NATO navies.  Damned few Democrats even know […]

The Left and their Media Allies are going berserk,  – they know Sleepy Joe couldn’t possibly hold a 2-hour rally!   video:

What’s needed is a peacekeeping buffer zone between CHAZ and the USA. Maybe the UN will send Peacekeepers… To Globalists like Durkan and Inslee, UN Peacekeepers would be far preferable to US Infantry from Fort Lewis.

This lady clearly gets it – that the Media and the Democrat Party are playing out a Kabuki Theater around George Floyd, – in an effort to make Joe Biden (or Stacey Abrams) our puppet president. Just guessing that YouTube will end up pulling this video.

First, investigative journalism died at the Times when they failed to vet Obama in 2007-08.  Objectivity died there after Benghazi,  and was buried when they cheered Hillary’s campaign.  Now Free Speech has been killed just inside their employee entrance.  You shall ONLY write what makes their collection of LibTurd Pansies feel virtuous…

In an extraordinarily brazen move – dangerous for the troops involved – he ordered that all National Guard troops in DC not to carry their arms or ammunition.  This makes them conspicuous and unarmed targets.  He FAILED to consult Trump.

The DC mayor wanted to send Trump a message – she had a street painted.  She ignored the wholesale daily murder of Black babies in her city – in TWO LOCATIONS.  Killing Black babies is BIG BUSINE$$ in her town.