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It was hard to watch – but to defeat your enemy you must know and understand him.  And these two men are even worse domestic enemies than Tall Deval. If you can stand it,  listen as two young liberal know-it-alls guide the discussion through liberal-friendly issues,  and listen as each response involves spending more money,  […]

VOTE: With Your Remote!

September 18th, 2017

I’m tired of watching liberal Hollywood know-it-alls and over-paid jock straps using the TV cameras to push a false narrative into my home.  Most have no clue about History,  Geography,  Economics,  or moral values… It’s time to TURN THEM OFF – and not buy the sponsors’ products!  Read a book! Michael Bennett – the sitting […]

A long hot summer is upon us,  – yet for these past 219 days Democrats have spent their time bemoaning the November 8th election outcome,  – trying to overturn the results,  looking for Russians,  – and now trying to find cause for impeachment…. NEVER ONCE in those 219 days did Democrats look at their festering […]

Blame Black Racism and Union Teachers;  5 schools tested – not even one (1) student scored “proficient”. Once upon a time – the cry was “Black students can’t learn from White teachers,  – they need to see Black Faces in the front of the room!”.

The South Side of Chicago has been a war zone for years.   Democrat politicians downplay the shootings,  the murders,  and the suffering of the folks who live there,  – specifically because most are Black.  Most often when they say anything, – they blame the police…. Which has created an environment where the gangs feel entitled […]

Deep down,  Democrats have always been a scary bunch.  Once you get past their insincere smiles and flaccid handshakes,  – and see their core beliefs and resulting policies,  – you find gut-level racism. Now they’re lost an election they knew was ‘in the bag’.  Suddenly they’re going to blame their own white members…?  That their […]

It seems some people wake up,  – others never do. The media is unlikely to discuss this interview much….but you should listen (just 5 minutes) – and be refreshed!

How many Democrats can even explain the Feast of the Epiphany?  They don’t read the Bible any more than they do our Constitution… If it is to survive,  the American Democrat Party needs an epiphany of their own – and FAST!

Four news stories this morning make it clear we are a nation badly divided.  It will take more than the genius of Donald Trump to fix it. Every action taken by individuals and by groups has consequences,  – some immediate,  – and some on future generations….   Stupid people don’t understand that – and often cannot […]

American Comeback Story

November 7th, 2016

Listen to a man Trump has touched! Think Democrats – have you EVER heard a story like this about either Bill or Hillary?