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Wanda Sykes BOMBS In Red Bank

September 29th, 2018

You may remember this Far-Left Black Lesbian savaged Sarah Huckabee Sanders at the WH Correspondent’s Dinner…. Hey Wanda,  maybe people with JOBS who can afford your tickets are actually grateful to our President?

Rachael Rollins just won the Primary with just 39% of the vote,  – and with no Republicans in the race,  – come January she’ll be your new County DA.   She’s already been on the Tucker Carlson Show explaining why she won’t prosecute street-level (aka Black) crime.  She’s going to ‘save Taxpayers a fortune’… If you […]

The news will be FULL of Facebook,  Zuckerberg,  and Cambridge Analytica for weeks to come – or at least until Trump fires Mueller…. Suddenly both the left-wing media (the Propaganda Ministry) and the non-technical world have discovered the 25-year-old term “Data Mining”.  Scandal?  Hardly!

It looks like Governor Charlie Baker (aka Tall Deval) wanted to quickly wash his hands of a sticky political mess.  How many State Police officers – LtCols and Majors did he interview during the 4½ short days since Colonel McKeon resigned? Major Kerry Gilpin is a junior major – just promoted this past May.   […]

At RRB we recommend very few products or merchants.  Camp Constitution is an exception!  Your young person NEEDS this week of learning what our Constitution means,  why certain words are in there,  and how terribly modern Democrats (aka ‘Progressives’) try to pervert and twist those words.

Father and son both struggled with various kinds of dope;  – dad was caught in an FBI sting and did prison time, – then was still re-elected to a 4th term as DC Mayor. Son Marion Christopher Barry died today at age 36,  having smoked K2 and PCP.  Now let some fool tell you that […]

Once again Affirmative Action has resulted in a preventable disfigurement.   Salem’s tiny new female cop Jessica Rondinelli just had a big chunk of her ear bitten off by a 19-year old perp – as the smurfette copette was attempting to load the subject into her patrol car. Wanna see who did it?

Hillary On Parade In Iowa

August 3rd, 2016

Whether it is Ferguson,  Baltimore,  the Bundy Ranch,  or a ranch in Oregon,  – Loretta Lynch always finds the wrong side of the issue to stand on. Today North Carolina is trying to keep perverts and sex offenders out of girl’s bathrooms,  – and Loretta wants to let them go on in.  Is the strain […]

Charlie,  the Ripples Report gives you all the ammunition you need – IF – you really want to fix the system that is killing kids…. Or you can be a Deval Patrick Clone – and play Musical Fat Ladies again…   If you have NO CLUE, we’re included a few here….