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In his desperation to discredit Youngkin and win the Governor’s Seat again,  McAuliffe – or a staffer – forgot that “White Racists” are supposed to be WHITE! We shouldn’t be surprised at either the level of desperation,  – the dirty tricks,  – or the utter ineptitude in casting.   Democraps screw everything up!

She is one of 11 women who gave sworn testimony to NY State Attorney General that Governor Cuomo had committed sexual offenses against them.   Listen carefully as CBS This Morning host Jericka Duncan is totally incredulous that this young woman would file a report putting a Democrat Governor in jeopardy. She’s an aide to Cuomo,  […]

A video has surfaced down in Mexico of a businessman, David León Romero, – counting out cash and handing it to Martín Jesús López Obrador, – the brother of Mexico’s new president. We’re hardly shocked or scandalized.  The Mex$15,000 equals about $7,500 US.   It is the way business is done in most of the Third […]

The left-wing media and much of the ‘medical profe$$ion’ wasted no time in calling Hodkinson a dangerous wacko. Google his name and see the list of articles.   But listen to him for 5 minutes and judge for yourself:

Given the vast differences between the Trump rallies and Biden’s diminutive circle gatherings, – this is the vote result Americans were expecting. Did massive voter fraud – software tinkering in the machines controlled from overseas – change Trump votes to votes for China Joe?  There are whispers on the internet that the USA has the […]

It must be tough being the dumb son and brother of New York Governors…. Chris “Fredo” Cuomo broke quarantine on Easter Sunday – with his family,  and went from his Southampton home to see his new East Hampton home.  He’ been telling his viewers that he was still suffering from Coronavirus as he broadcast from […]

WHAT WILL THEY DO NOW?   Report on REAL news? Is there anybody left working at The Propaganda Ministry who remembers how to do REPORTING and EDITING of actual NEWS?   Will sponsors return?

Goodell, who got a BIG (undisclosed) RAISE from his 2015 salary of $31.7 million, – could have stopped the protest kneeling with one swift edict,  and ~ maybe ~ one forfeited game. But he wanted to be a politically correct pussy,  so he let a minority of Black players (millionaires) cast a racist shadow over […]

Wanda Sykes BOMBS In Red Bank

September 29th, 2018

You may remember this Far-Left Black Lesbian savaged Sarah Huckabee Sanders at the WH Correspondent’s Dinner…. Hey Wanda,  maybe people with JOBS who can afford your tickets are actually grateful to our President?

Rachael Rollins just won the Primary with just 39% of the vote,  – and with no Republicans in the race,  – come January she’ll be your new County DA.   She’s already been on the Tucker Carlson Show explaining why she won’t prosecute street-level (aka Black) crime.  She’s going to ‘save Taxpayers a fortune’… If you […]