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Moses Harris was a busy 25 yr old working crook with no extra time to waste being arrested.  To evade the police he entered the Concord River – at 2:31 am Sat 19 Dec.   Yup – it was cold, damned cold! Moses made a clean getaway!  He’s not been seen or found since.  His grieving […]

Are we to assume that Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Cuomo approve of this kind of “racial protest”,  – as normal for the city in the midst of a “Pandemic”? video:

Keisha Lance Bottoms is emblematic of what’s wrong in our heavily-Black big cities,  where skin color dictates how the majority of residents (lifelong Democrats) pick their leaders.  Chicago (Lori Lightfoot),  San Francisco (London Breed),  Baltimore (Dixon / Rawlings-Blake / Pugh), Tallahassee (Andrew Gillum),  Washington DC (Muriel Bowser),  Richmond, VA (Stoney), – are all examples where […]

AntiFA? BLM? Or Muslims?

December 25th, 2020

Somebody called in a “suspicious vehicle” at 6 am.   30 minutes later the vehicle, an RV,  explodes  – damaging 20 buildings.  Three people injured. Criminal act or terrorism? 

Dead at the scene was a man on his way to pick up his final paycheck,

State Police were unable to awaken the sleeping driver, – who finally woke up after officers made entry into the running vehicle, – – at which point Ambe tried to drive off – dragging two troopers.  A taser ended the action.  Gee, if only a Social Worker had been available….

Trump Visits DC MAGA Rally

November 14th, 2020

Over 15,000 Conservative American Patriots came to DC today,  and Trump came by to see them and cheer them. Photos:

Swamp Creature Christopher Wray proves where his loyalties lie.   He must want a cut of that Chinese Money the Bidens will be taking in….