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Whether he’s a Socialist,  a Sandinista,  or a full-on Communist is anybody’s guess – on any given policy or day…. But his hatred of Trump is visceral. Bill over the years has worked for and been endorsed by every left-wing dingbat in New York and beyond – Charlie Rangel, David Dinkins, Mario Cuomo, Al Sharpton, […]

In Chappaqua New York and down at 935 Pennsylvania Avenue (the Hoover Building) there are a lot of sweaty armpits and puckering assholes this morning. Christopher “Wimpy” Wray better step aside, or man up and help,  – because there’s a guy coming to town who knows how to put dirty FBI agents in numbered orange […]

Here come the defense “experts” – in Transgender Disorders and Psychosis,  – to keep these latest murderous twerps out of jail.  Colorado still has the Death Penalty,  – and these two demonstrated significant premeditation. Devon Erickson’s shooting partner is a yet-unnamed and unpictured female-to-male transgender (under 18?) – who may have been seeking revenge for […]

In this clip – some troops can be seen with the protesters, – and they know how to fling back the tear gas rounds that Maduro’s loyalists are firing.  This division of loyalty in Maduro’s forces is why Putin sent in his elite Russians. This could get very bloody before it ends. Remember:  You can […]

When the Poway Synagogue killer – 19-year old John Earnest, – is tried and convicted of premeditated murder, California today can give him the Death Penalty, except for Governor Newsom’s moratorium…  California will feed Earnest for decades, – unless he meets Jaime Osuna. When liberals argue against the Death Penalty, are they worried that a […]

If ONLY CNN had been doing REAL REPORTING all along,  – through those Obama years…. This video – a well-edited 10 minute clip,  – highlights what many have long suspected,  – that under Chavez and now Maduro,  official Venezuela got into the drug trade BIG TIME,  – and that drug money is keeping the Army […]

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris – begun in 1163, burns…. No matter what the French find, they’ll take great pains to bury the facts!

At some point this morning a lot of folks are going to rethink their Marathon Dreams. Don’t forget:  TY 2018 Tax due today + Q1 TY 2019 09:30 …as if by Magic…skies clear: 

America’s left-leaning media is all but silent,  – as late Tuesday night a third major power outage spread across Socialist Venezuela. Without power – their oil production is cut,  – meaning no money coming in to the national coffers…  How to pay the troops and police…?.

As the SECOND prolonged power outage brings modern life in Socialist Venezuela to a standstill, opposition leader Juan Guaidó asked his followers to gather outside Maduro’s Palace. It was risky,  Maduro’s remaining loyal military – and his Russian bodyguards,  – might have opened fire…. video