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The streets of France are filled again with Yellow Vests,  while Macron clings to his Globalist vision…. Only the cold wet winter weather is stopping a full-scale rebellion…

The VOTERS have spoken,  and the Old Guard of White Democrats are out,  and a new generation of Democrats are about to take charge in Boston. We Hope for the BEST,  we Pray for the BEST;  – but History tells us to brace for a sad and bloody outcome…..

Macron Dégage (Get OUT!)

December 15th, 2018

We may be watching the beginning of the break-up of the Socialist Dream of a European Union. The American Left should PAY ATTENTION! First it was UKIP and Brexit,  now the anti-Globalist fight has been taken up by France’s Yellow Vests,  – and it is spreading.

NOTICE: Armed Cops Shoot Back!

December 13th, 2018

I so love a story with a happy ending!

Once again in America liberal know-it-alls have passed a FEEL-GOOD LAW, – this one banning so-called ‘high-capacity magazines’ in New Jersey. To own one is about to be a FELONY!  The question is:  if Governor Murphy orders Colonel Patrick Callahan to send his troopers door-knocking,…will they do it,  – thus violating both our 2nd and […]

The French police set out this morning to arrest this well-known jihadi, – but he wasn’t home.  He was elsewhere in town,  busy killing innocent Christmas shoppers. He killed 3,  wounded 12,  and was wounded himself. As this is posted a wounded Islamist – Cherif Chekkat – age 29, – from Morocco, is holed up […]

Macron Tries Buying French Peace

December 10th, 2018

As if he’s been attending Pelosi-Schumer University,  – France’s Boy President Macron went on TV today demanding an end to the Yellow Vest rioting. Then he promised a €100 ($113) raise in the minimum wage and a roll-back on certain pension taxes. In short, like Democrats here in America, – he’s attempting to buy favor […]

The Spring and Summer of 2019 are going to be very ugly on our West (Left) Coast.  It seems various members of AntiFA have been visiting gun shops…. Photo-journalist Andy Ngo was accosted trying to enter a pro-Constitution rally in Seattle – and the police essentially discouraged him – even as the AntiFA thugs threatened […]

Paris Is So Lovely In November!

November 24th, 2018

They’re called the “Gilets Jaunes” – the Yellow Vests,  – these rebellious Frenchmen demanding that their Boy President Emmanuel Macron resign.  He’s only been President for 18 months…. They’re protesting the high price of gasoline and diesel fuel.  It looks like the Global Warming Know-it-All has no answer for them.  Going to make it tough […]

DACA Recipient Luis Cobos-Cenobio

November 20th, 2018