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To all our Cop Friends  – E-V-E-R-Y traffic stop is an ambush waiting to be sprung. This lady cop was lucky – most people recover from leg wounds.  Mister Mendoza is lucky too,  – his time on Probation has ended!  Taxpayers win! Short scary video:

Rachael Rollins just won the Primary with just 39% of the vote,  – and with no Republicans in the race,  – come January she’ll be your new County DA.   She’s already been on the Tucker Carlson Show explaining why she won’t prosecute street-level (aka Black) crime.  She’s going to ‘save Taxpayers a fortune’… If you […]

Sept body count:  6 killed (5 by gunshot) / 20 wounded. August score:     53 killed / 358 shot. As bodies pile up around his feet,  Obama’s smart-ass operative,  – who has been Mayor of Chicago since 2011,  – is NOT running for re-election in Feb 2019.  With his sanctuary city and anti-police policies,  Emanuel has […]

Desperate Nike Takes A Knee

September 4th, 2018

Nike CEO Mark Parker is a desperate man.  His 2016 salary ($47.6 million) was dropped 71% due to poor sales.  Nike laid off 1000 people and cut Mark’s pay to a measly $13.9 million in 2017. Now he hired Colin Kaepernick – to boost his sales into America’s Black inner cities.  Will he name his […]

Want Your Women To Come Home?

August 22nd, 2018

There are predators out there  – just looking for helpless and oblivious victims.  Do NOT expect mercy.  They’ll use your woman,  – and dump her body. Young Mollie Tibbetts was a needless victim – jogging in an area she’d come to know as “SAFE”.  It wasn’t!   And she was unarmed.

Where once young Patriots met under a huge pine tree,  – to plot a course of Freedom from the tyranny of an English King and his Parliament,… …today young people with no concept of God,  History,  or world events think they marched to squash and shut down “Hate Speech”… Americans,  I fear that we’re witnessing […]

Historical Perspective:   During the last century in Russia,  Italy,  Germany,  China,  and Cube,  the Communists and the Fascists (Socialists) rose to power fueled by desperate unemployed workers and peasants angry at the ruling classes. Here in the USA,  the Soros-funded AntiFA can’t find support from similar groups  – because here they don’t exist.  Thus […]

It’s gone way beyond ‘harmless venting on Twitter’,…because for every gay left-wing nut job, – there is likely an equally screwed up nut job willing to engage them. Brandon James Ziobrowski grew up in Chambersburg, PA  – (Gettysburg country),  – one of the most beautiful and historical areas of America.  But he grew up twisted.

His people are starving.  They’ve been rioting for months.  They’ve eaten the zoo animals and their pets.  Last week Maduro was forced to admit that Socialism has failed and his Venezuelan economy is broken,  – beyond repair…. A coup attempt was expected.  It came by drone.

There was an act of uncommon heroism in Falmouth Friday evening,  when a 21-year old career asshole pulled a gun and shot two cops,  – hitting them both before they could unholster their weapons. In that split second they had options,  – and they chose to wound the young perp instead of killing him.   Malik […]