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Across the land – as governor after governor – mayor after mayor dictate that their employees be vaccinated – or be fired,  – we suddenly see clearly why union teachers in our public schools have for these past 40+ years failed to teach anything about the US Constitution.

The still-unnamed suspect – age vic 31,  had a history of drug use.  He may have killed a person found dead in a nearby parked car. Not to fear, BOTH men will continue to vote in the next 3 general elections…..

Thomas Nee Was A Needful Crook

October 5th, 2021

It is a common by-product of generations of Democrap Party rule – of cities and states.  The cops witness so much corruption by their elected officials – that it rubs off on their weakest links.  Thomas Nee was a very weak link!

Taliban Hang ‘Em High In Herat!

September 25th, 2021

The city lies 450 miles west of Kabul – near the Iranian Border. The story is 4 guys attempted a kidnapping, – then lost a shootout with the local police. One was hung (maybe already dead) from a crane in the city square. It’s their country now;  and photos like this reinforce the image of […]

RRB Is Rooting For The Gators!

September 20th, 2021

Trump In His Element In NYC Today

September 11th, 2021

He avoided the scripted dog-&-pony show with the Democrats;  – went to spend some time among real heroes. Totally comfortable with the cops – no cheat sheets – invites questions – gives answers – so unlike China Joe.   Watch Biden get booed today:

While there may still be some honorable patriots within the FBI,  the upper echelons are all left-wing political operatives – dishonest to the core and treasonous to our Constitution.   Dinesh D’Souza explains their latest conundrum,  – the January 6th insurrection lie: Sad state of affairs:  we can’t trust our pResident,  – can’t trust VP Kneepads,  […]

She is one of 11 women who gave sworn testimony to NY State Attorney General that Governor Cuomo had committed sexual offenses against them.   Listen carefully as CBS This Morning host Jericka Duncan is totally incredulous that this young woman would file a report putting a Democrat Governor in jeopardy. She’s an aide to Cuomo,  […]