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This is a classic case of Liberals now having to live under the kind of people they voted for.   It will be a nightmare!

Did his parents show up in court…?

If they were White kids being shot – would the Liberal Media start to care?

While we should not judge the majority of ANY people on the actions of a few,  – the recent rioting in parts of South Africa – an all-Black nation with only a tiny White population of farmers,  – should cause some Americans to re-think their politics. If you didn’t hear about the South African riots […]

America has come a long – long – and very bloody way from the election of 1864,  – when American voters decided that it was time for an anti-slavery president. That election had immediate and very bloody consequences,  – and today most Americans – Black and White – are clueless.

Admits the Biden White House is “working with” Facebook to monitor and “correct disinformation” about Covid… This is hardly “Public Health”.  This is the private social media giant run by Mark Zuckerberg acting as the information arm of the US Government.   And he may actually be an agent of Red China. 

Once again the Biden cabal is being caught flat-footed as protests in Havana grow into riots.   And today there are smart phones everywhere. The Castro regime has been in power in Cuba for 62 years – since January 1959. Imagine the consternation within the ranks of America’s communists (Democrap Party) to see it failing so […]

Biden’s new SecLabor isn’t looking back.  For over 7 years as Mayor of Boston he defied the Federal Government and ran Boston as a “Sanctuary City”,  – refusing to cooperate with ICE.  Now we’re starting to learn what was slipping through the cracks. Now we all get to clean up Marty’s liberal trash – including […]

It began at 2 am Saturday – a Mass State Trooper sees two cars on the roadside – flashers on – refilling gas tanks.  He stops to assist,  – and discovers members of of a heavily armed Muslim militia group.  Things got tense… Nobody in the group wanted to produce either driver’s licenses or firearms […]