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He’s a Billionaire – $53 Billion to be exact,  and he’s about to announce his run for the White House, – because he fears that either Bernie or the Squaw would strip his wealth to pay for your “FREE STUFF”. During his 12 years as NYC Mayor – he reversed all of Rudy Giuliani’s crime-fighting […]

AA/EEO junior major – promoted in haste over the heads of all other senior officers, – lasts just 2 years, – amid ongoing scandals. Hey FAKER,  – think maybe this time you could take time to INTERVIEW a few candidates,  – and pick out a REAL COP?   Your TOKEN wasn’t up to the job!

Gibt Angela zu – Wir haben es verbockt! Germany’s Obama – Chancelor Angela Merkel – a lifelong globalist who never believed in borders – comes face-to-face with the Muslim reality she created! Hundreds of Germans murdered,  tens of thousands of German women raped,  – and she finally admits she was wrong,  – but she has […]

Every so often, CNN surprises.  Alisyn Camerota (she spent 10 years at Fox) zeros in on O’Rourke’s plan to outlaw and then confiscate AR-15s. He either can’t or more likely won’t give her a direct answer. You can bet he doesn’t plan to go out with the police knocking on doors himself….so in the end […]

There was a wedding scheduled this morning,  and a funeral at noon.  The gunman, Dale Holloway, 37 entered, wounded two people, and was taken down by the parishioners.  They should have turned him into an instant organ donor. LESSON FOR DECENT AMERICANS:  Always carry your guns,  – especially to places like churches!  You don’t get to sit any closer to […]

First Trump shredded Hunter,  then dropped the BIGGEST TRUTH BOMB on Sleepy Joe: “Hunter…your father was never considered smart,  – he was never a good senator,  – he was only a good vice president because he understood how to kiss Obama’s ass!” The whole rally was great,  but for the Biden section move the slider […]

Chief Hagel: “We don’t want Republicans here; – the only thing you could have done to make this worse was to invite Dick Cheney and Sarah Huckabee Sanders.”  Thousand Oaks doesn’t have their own police force;  they contract with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department for patrol coverage, – and thus drew the TURD Hagel… Chief […]

Did they waste their Yale and Harvard Law Degrees?  One is fixated on Eric Garner on Staten Island, – the other on Michael Brown in Ferguson.  It seems the police should have just looked the other way. Too bad the Times printed their Op-Ed without printing a parallel answer from a real cop,…but maybe the […]

Mass Murder’s 70th Anniversary

September 30th, 2019

Some Americans will be fooled, – awestruck and thrilled by the parades of modern military might that our 30-year trade imbalance have enabled the Red Chinese to steal and buy. Young Americans who don’t know History, – don’t understand Economics or Geography, – and who get their ‘news’ from Twitter may well believe this is […]

Opening The Trayvon Martin Wound

September 14th, 2019

The Left calls filmmaker Joel Gilbert a “conspiracy theorist” – chiefly because he produced a film pointing to communist Frank Marshal Davis as the real father of Obama. Now he has a book and documentary video due out exposing what he calls blatant witness fraud in the 2013 murder trial of George Zimmerman. VIDEO: