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The grieving parents and community of Roseburg and Umpqua College don’t need you and they don’t want you.  DO NOT mistake their quiet politeness with a sincere welcome. YOU and YOUR POLITICAL POSTURING are UNWELCOME! If you really want to do something meaningful,  – go to South Carolina,  – put duct tape over your mouth – […]


September 13th, 2015

Under Obama our Military has become a JOKE!   We’ve gone from a military designed to Take and Hold Ground – to a military preoccupied with Equal Opportunity,  Lady Rangerettes,  and Breastfeeding Commandos! The Russians,  Chinese, and NorKs can’t wait to ‘interrogate’ these babes…  Americans will die because of this nonsense!

FACT:  Two (2) Inspector Generals at the State Department have referred the case of Hillary’s email scandals to the Justice Department – for further investigation as a criminal matter. FACT:    That should have been CONFIDENTIAL! But somehow – the NY Times got the story….

THIS is how our First Black President should be sounding! Calls the Obama Cartel charlatans and sheep!  “A damn stupid thing you just did!”   BTW, did you know there are SECRET SIDE DEALS that the Traitor Kerry negotiated?

“If this deal goes through, – the Obama Administration will become the world’s leading financier of radical Islamic terrorism…” Cruz – or Trump, – or BOTH, come 2017 we’re going to need a president serious about defending our country – and our civilization.

The Faces Of Obama’s Illegal Killers… So what do you want to call it?  Lax enforcement?  Open Borders?  Amnesty?  Political correctness?  De-Whitening America?  National suicide? Obama’s refusal to deport criminal illegals is killing Americans!

He’s blocking Arab leaders from sending them arms.  He’s also left Jordan twisting in the wind…. America has few willing allies left in the world ready to aid us in fighting evil.  So why would Obama turn a cold shoulder to two of them?   Look no further than the desk right outside the Oval Office…

While we grieve and sympathize with their murders,…does this seem unreal?   Crime Victim Assistance?  $29 Million Dollars?

Our Blamer-in-Chief blames the VICTIM! Ya just gotta ask:  – HOW does this make us more secure?   What allies will trust us NOW? What possible END GAME is Obama pursuing?

No doubt about it – he will spend his last two years making a mockery of his office as he pisses off allies and curries favor with enemies. Obama is flying off to Riyadh [by way of India] to bow deeply to Saudi Arabia’s new aged King Salman.  And he’s taking Michelle with him, – a […]