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Last year in Canada, Germany’s globalist socialist Chancellor Merkel overplayed her hand, she berated and scolded Trump in full view of the media.  She didn’t like his encouragement of Brexit,  or his attitude toward unvetted Muslim migrants. Fourteen months later, events have changed across the globe,  and England has a new Prime Minister.  Like Trump, […]

They did it,  and congratulations are due!   The Chinese have landed a probe on the back side of the moon. Where have we been…?  You ~ may ~ remember when Obama dispatched our NASA scientists to the Middle East to tell the Arabs how important their contribution has been to our Space Exploration Program…

Friday, 25 May 2018:  Annapolis – US Naval Academy Graduation,  – and a little bit of the Trump Legend is made in the hot sun. Watch the 1-minute high-speed video as President Trump stays to shake hands with each and every new Lieutenant and Ensign.

It was one of many steps Obama took to weaken and demoralize out fighting forces.  Trump has just reversed it. Trump seems to understand and respect our military in ways Obama never did.  Liberals will wail and shriek – but just look at all the damage one twisted twerp called Bradley Manning did to our […]

And they want us to worry about ‘Russian Hackers’? CAUTION:  Highly barf-worthy!

Donald Trump Can Only Buy Us Time

November 15th, 2016

There is a wide difference between stupid and willfully ignorant.  Most Democrats are the latter, – willfully ignorant, deliberately uninformed, and determined to vote for what feels good, – while ignoring the consequences. But they tend to breed,  – and their numbers grow over and above the babies they kill each year in abortion clinics.  […]

PLEASE,   don’t let young boys see this….

Obama Continues To Nauseate

March 23rd, 2016

Remember August 2014, – his 8-minute dash back to the links after the Foley beheading? Could any imaginary display more egregious indifference..? Obama managed – several times – during his Cuban Holiday.

We predicted this back in June 2014 – when pResident Photo-Op was taking a Rose Garden victory bow with Bergdahl’s hippie parents – complete with hugs.   Wrapping himself in a warrior’s robe, “…he was leaving nobody on the battlefield”.   My nausea factor pegged all the way over and bent the needle. Now we learn that […]