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Biden is hidin’ in Wilmington!   Slow Joe – our National Village Idiot – just announced he won’t go to the Democrat Convention in Milwaukee. He’ll stay in the cellar in Wilmington and deliver his ‘Acceptance Speech’ remotely (where folks can’t see his over-sized teleprompters).

The search for the Lowest Common Denominator…  He needs to pick one that will help carry a battleground state,  – but who will not scare edgy Whites as BLM has cities burning. His problem:  having been backed into the “Black Female Corner”,  – all he’s got to look at are seriously flawed and scary women.

The hit man came dressed as a FedEx driver,  – must have had orders to shoot everybody he encountered.  The Judge (appointed by Obama) was in the cellar. UPDATE!   Shooter found dead? 

A product of Washington DC,  Parkhomenko is a twisted soul,  – deeply infatuated with Hillary.  He seems to need attention. Take notice DC Police Chief Peter Newsham;  Parkhomenko once graduated from your police academy,  and has a badge and a gun.  Given his unstable behavior,  – perhaps a review is in order?

VIDEO below the fold:

Does he research and write his own material,…or was this too ‘off the cuff’? We suspect that Slow Joe was trying to impress the BIG $$$ DEMOCRAT DONORS with his grasp of ancient wisdom and 21st Century Global Economics.   But he quotes the Communist dictator who murdered over 60,000,000 people,  – mostly by deliberately starving […]

This pathetic frail thing needs 24-hour supervision by trained medical professionals. He was addressing America’s enemies, – a teacher’s union….