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A comedy writer could not begin to imagine this fool getting this far in public life,…but here he is. Joe tries to make a point – but confuses Charlie Baker’s name… 2 videos:  The short clip – and the longer painful one…

With just 113 days until the start of the Democrat National Convention in Milwaukee (if it can be held), – lots of people were expecting Hillary to parachute in as “the responsible alternative” to the two crazy old coots… But now many are whispering a different name,  – NY Governor Andrew Cuomo,  – based on […]

It’s the political party built to preserve slavery,  grown after our Civil War on an unreasoned fear of freed slaves and factory owners.  Democrats always use fear to garner votes. Now,  captives of their own fears about Bernie,  – they’re reluctantly propelling an obviously dementia addled old man as their 2020 nominee.  It’s too late […]

Her get’um only 48 delegates,  come in LAST in 9 states,  – even native Oklahoma! The ugly reality for Democrats this morning is they’re left with two (2) losing choices:   Biden’s growing Dementia,  – or Bernie’s raging Communism.   Those few remaining Harry Truman and JFK Democrats (basically pro-Labor Patriots) – have nowhere to go, – […]

Folks,  we are watching a man fall deeper and deeper into the dementia pit every passing day. In a normal citizen this would be pathetic and sad.  In somebody with Biden’s life record,  – it seems like Justice or Karma…

Looks like the pollsters better rework their techniques!! Around our Young Republic,  Democrats and Millennials are scraping the bottom of the barrel to find their 2020 challenger to Trump.   South Carolina votes tomorrow (Saturday, Feb 29th ),  – and the ranting old man with obvious mental impairments is seriously leading the old man who still admires […]

There is something very wrong inside poor Joe’s head!  Maybe those hair plugs were set in too deep – and the roots grew down into his brain? To make such a wild-assed ranting claim like this in a critical debate should cause his family to have him examined. Some sane commentary by Colion Noir:

Two unattended ‘heart attacks’,  – a random late-nite street mugging,  – and a ‘suicide’? All these men had either pissed off the Left,  – or actually exposed and endangered their evil plans.

Politics has always made for strange bedfellows…. Massachusetts voters will remember Ed Davis, the lumbering Boston Police Superintendent who led the manhunt for the Marathon Bombers, – the Muslim Tsarnaev Brothers, – just seven years ago. They may have forgotten that he was ALSO the Police Superintendent who had failed to investigate the ongoing jihad […]

Biden Rides Into The Sunset…

February 11th, 2020