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Casually mentions during press availability that he’s been taking Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin (Z-Pak),  and zinc.   You could hear the media hacks choking on their tongues. Watch now as the left-wing media mob soil themselves on live TV,  – since this ISN’T Doctor Fauci’s approved Remdesivir.

Last Monday, May 4th,  Joe was holding a LULAC virtual town hall.   Even reading prepared notes he was unable to hold a cogent thought.  At this point Joe couldn’t pass a driving test…  And yet Trump-hating Democrats are absolutely certain he’d make a better President than Trump? Why won’t the MEDIA report on this?   Because […]

He is 91,  a lawyer, – reporter,  – publisher,  – and founder of Politico.  His hatred and loathing of Trump is boundless.  He should stay indoors during these dangerous times. Martin replied to a weekend editorial in the NY Times which called for Tara Reade’s charges against Joe Biden to be thoroughly investigated.

The day after Biden won Kansas by 77%,  the NY Times launched their second torpedo at his nomination.   What do they know ~ or suspect ~ about Fast Finger Joe that has them so nervous? Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig – age 29 – (confirmed Democratic Socialist) used to work for Bezos at the Washington Post,  – just […]

Do we need smaller hospital ships – or smaller hoaxes? Between the anti-Trump theatrics of Governor Cuomo and the bellowing communist hyperbole of failed presidential candidate Mayor Bill de Blasio,  NYC must have been expecting the sick and dying to start dropping in the streets and subways.

Her Rose Garden question was either based on sheer ignorance,  – or in the evil depths of the Democrat Party’s 2020 desperation. At just age 27,  young Nuzzi has found herself in a series of liberal jobs – and not always with good results.

Utterly Priceless!  The Bear came roaring out of the cave!  Our President has endured enough of the lying, never-satisfied media,  – so at Monday’s WH Press Briefing he played back a few juicy clips. The Media immediately labeled it a CAMPAIGN VIDEO,  – and are claiming that Trump violated campaign finance rules by having WH […]

The Road to Hell is Paved with “Good Intentions”! Americans need to look at the HARD FACTS,  – and move beyond the hysteria, – while we still have the ability to pump life back into our economy.  This virus cannot destroy our economy,  – only our own foolishness can do that – with a little […]

With mere 201 days until the election,  and despite not knowing who the DemoCrap candidate will be,  – the Left’s utter desperation to use the Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic to unseat or even scuttle Trump has reached new depths…. HuffPost and Dominique Mosbergen reached new lows this morning…

Yes,  people are sick,  – some VERY sick,  and some are dying – maybe at about the same normal level as for the flu.  BUT,  are hospitals really being ‘OVERWHELMED’? Here is some evidence that the MEDIA is hyping a story way beyond reality.  Is the hype all part of the plan to scuttle Trump […]