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“Covid – Covid – Pandemic – Covid.  That’s all they talk about on CNN,  – they’re trying to talk you out of voting.  People aren’t buying it – you dumb bastards! Once again the Master Showman uses a single phrase to own the news networks for the next 24 hours….

Rigging,…fixing,…cheating,…denying,…lying,…. With so much practice, – and generations of experience,  – you’d think they’d be better at it.   But they remain inept and clumsy.

Trump Walked Into An Ambush!

October 15th, 2020

Well,  at least he’s taking viewers from China Joe Biden.

Has ANY Democrat – anywhere – E-V-E-R told the TRUTH?

The similarities and stark differences with Kenosha cannot be overlooked. The final seconds of Lee Keltner’s 49-year life were captured on video.  The murder trial of Matthew Robert Dolloff will make headlines,  – and make some lawyer’s career. Can Denver find 12 jurors not high on marijuana?

A member of the Heathen Network has a “Come to Jesus” moment!  Will he be SAVED?   

The instant I heard Trump clear his throat while talking with Sean Hannity last night,  – I turned to Mrs. Iron Mike and said “CNN will be all over that tomorrow!”  Sure enough! Over these next 25 days – until November 3rd,  the Left will try every dirty trick in the book to (a).  remove […]

The Propaganda Ministry hates his guts,  but to get viewers (ratings) they were forced to cover Trump all weekend,  – sucking the oxygen out of Biden’s campaign. They found ways to be critical of every aspect of Trump’s Coronavirus diagnosis,  – his weight,  and how he was receiving a level of treatment “not available” to […]

If our National Village Idiot can just remember what state he’s in,  – and what office he’s running for…. Watch for Biden to curry favor with Chris Wallace by mentioning his dad…