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As readership for the Left’s two flagship rags drops,  – they’ve become desperate for sensational stories….and may even be making up stuff to scare the public.  In doing so,  – have they abandoned Biden to his fates…?

This is a day in American History that few Democrats have ever understood. This humble blogger has walked the battlefields….   Standing on the Battle Green in Lexington Center,  I can still smell the blood.

Those mean streets of Shrewsbury Mass are so close to the drug and crime-infested streets of Worcester,  – the LtGovernor has sought peace, quiet, and safety in South Dartmouth. Her new getaway digs at 7 Freemont Street cost a mere $1.8 Million.  A great investment.  We do wonder how much she put down,  and if […]

Charlie, – only a question of time before you and Arm Candy come down with it too – considering how close you both were…. Doctor Bharel just announced that her Thursday test came back POSITIVE!

It’s gonna turn out on Tuesday – the only voters she’ll get are the old dried-up Hillary women…and their pussified husbands. 

So you bought a Prius to save the planet?  And maybe just a little to show off how environmentally conscientious you are…? Sorry,  but down in the Java Sea – you’ve just been checkmated!

Guess the Bloods got to a juror….. Defense Attorney Jose Baez can up his fees…..  Books will be written, and movies produced based on this case and this botched trial.   I think that ~ just maybe ~ a juror will someday be charged…. 

…can really clear out the cobwebs…. We were counting yard signs,…came across this one!

A picture of how and why Massachusetts has sunk into $103 Billion state debt – and our federal government into $16 Trillion federal debt. This fellow [MoonBat] holding signs this morning in Chelmsford for Warren, Tsongas, and Barrett [he said he couldn’t fit an Obama sign] claimed to be an Air Force veteran of the Korean War […]