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Her drop’um tomahawk – go back to Senate Reservation.

It’s gonna turn out on Tuesday – the only voters she’ll get are the old dried-up Hillary women…and their pussified husbands. 

You didn’t hear about our Special Election in the Mass 37th? Very quietly State Rep Jen “Brillo Head” Benson resigned in December to become a Beacon Hill lobbyist.   She was pushed to do so by the appearance of a very worthy Republican about to take her on this November. Now there is a Special Election […]

Did the arrest Tuesday of corrupt Lowell Democrat David Nangle send a scare through the rest of those crooks on Beacon Hill?  Tommy Petrolati says he’s hanging it up after 33 years. So MANY scandals:  1996 – the unwanted flowers.  2000 – got his unqualified wife Kathleen hired by the Probation Department.   2001 – the […]

Politics has always made for strange bedfellows…. Massachusetts voters will remember Ed Davis, the lumbering Boston Police Superintendent who led the manhunt for the Marathon Bombers, – the Muslim Tsarnaev Brothers, – just seven years ago. They may have forgotten that he was ALSO the Police Superintendent who had failed to investigate the ongoing jihad […]

Her leave’um BIG CARBON moccasin print in sky,  – then hide’um face behind staffer. Seven (7) years in the US Senate…WHAT has she done for the People of Massachusetts, – except be as big a JOKE as Chevy Chase Eddie…?  She’s been running for President for 7 years…

Many Democrat Women – still stunned at Hillary’s terrible performance in 2016 (and since),  are now looking at Elizabeth Warren to become their “First Woman President”. Sadly, no amount of raw truth will dissuade many of them;  – their only criteria is A W-O-M-A-N ! But for those few for whom TRUTH still matters, – […]

God forbid that YOUR kid reach over and squeeze a sleeping woman’s tits on a night flight from DC… Just imagine what you’d be paying in legal fees…. Since you’re not the GOVERNOR,  – do you think Boston lawyers would be giving you huge discounts…?