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It will be fun listening to the Dems pissing and moaning about this race;  – like they really needed eight (8) candidates and a Muslim girl to replace the Woodpecker? Mermell has got to be wondering where that last ballot box came from….

Massachusetts has so many little towns and cities,  – it’s hard for the rich and famous to keep track of them all…. Worchester is out in the badlands – somewhere west of 128,  – at the end of a long winding dirt road. MassHole Dems are so screwed;  – they can pick from the lifelong […]

They served together for 26 years in the House, – and today she endorsed the new kid – Woody Woodpecker, – saying he understands the need for “Progressive Values”. Think she even gave the Ice Cream Man a heads-up…? UPDATE:   Wed, 2 Sept 2020   Woody LOST to Chevy Chase Eddie – by 10%

Her think’um self be heap smart squaw,  – but really speak’um with forked tongue!

He came to town in a BIG BUS,  and drew a crowd of local Socialists large enough to almost fill it.  I spotted the event by sheer chance,  – and of course went to see the lifelong liar in action.  He was telling the crowd how he’s saved nearly every special interest group by the […]

We in MassHole are used to our CongressVermin saying and doing stupid and grotesque things – some on a regular basis. Already a proven asshole,  this failed presidential wannabe just added a fresh layer of slime to his reputation.  Now everybody can see why Marines call him the Blue Falcon.

As if our Massachusetts tourism industry wasn’t already hurting,  – already seeing business go bankrupt;  – our RiNO Governor drives a wooden stake through the heart of what’s left. Travelers and residents returning to Mass. from high-risk states must test negative for the virus within 72 hours before arrival or quarantine for 14 days.

We must wonder publicly if Paul Sushchyk is simply too stupid to be a judge in the 21st Century?  Another Charlie Faker appointee making Lockdown Charlie look bad… His crime?  He copped a feel of a courthouse assistant,  – when both were at a private country club (on our dime) for an April 2019 “Judicial […]