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RRB: C-T-M-O-!

November 18th, 2020

The command from my earliest days in the Army – back 59 years ago:  CTMO – “Close Trails – March Order!”  It means the firing battery (field artillery) is moving out to a new firing position. Your humble blogger has spent the last six weeks shredding the last 40+ years of my life,  – old […]

No time to Waste!   With the possible election of the Village Idiot,  and Justice Barrett already hearing cases,   MassHole Dems are determined to renew their War on Babies. Rep. Cronin wants them D-E-A-D – even if they’ve just survived being aborted. This is America’s Holocaust – and Democrats are actually proud of it.  The only good news […]

Cuts! Cuts! Cuts! Cancellations!

November 11th, 2020

5 routes shortened,  14 routes ‘consolidated’,  25 routes eliminated,  6 rail stations and the ferries closed.   All for a highly survivable Chinese virus?   Or is this Charlie Faker’s own Green New Deal?

 Joe’s administration will be a collection of perverts,  traitors,  and kleptocrats.   Communists will do and say anything to get their hands on our money!

Their poofweeder failed them.  Sumbuddy teached it bad wurds. But they insist they can run honest elections and manage our health care and our retirement funds.

Woody Wants To Term-Limit Judges?

September 25th, 2020

Article III § 1.  “…shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour…”

It will be fun listening to the Dems pissing and moaning about this race;  – like they really needed eight (8) candidates and a Muslim girl to replace the Woodpecker? Mermell has got to be wondering where that last ballot box came from….

Massachusetts has so many little towns and cities,  – it’s hard for the rich and famous to keep track of them all…. Worchester is out in the badlands – somewhere west of 128,  – at the end of a long winding dirt road. MassHole Dems are so screwed;  – they can pick from the lifelong […]

They served together for 26 years in the House, – and today she endorsed the new kid – Woody Woodpecker, – saying he understands the need for “Progressive Values”. Think she even gave the Ice Cream Man a heads-up…? UPDATE:   Wed, 2 Sept 2020   Woody LOST to Chevy Chase Eddie – by 10%