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God Help Massachusetts

December 10th, 2013

When a candidate as decent and moderate as Frank Addivinola can only get 32% – against a lifetime über-socialist – who refused even to debate, – political thinking and general intelligence here has clearly sunk to that of a third-world country clamoring for a dictator. If you’re an ‘Independent’ or a ‘so-called Republican’ who didn’t […]

Mass 5th District Votes TODAY!

December 10th, 2013

It couldn’t be clearer:  a thoughtful Republican who studies the issues – vs – a lifetime socialist activists who will vote as directed by Pelosi. Mass 5th:  Let the 2014 Mid-Term rollbacks start today! Towns in the Massachusetts 5th Congressional District: Arlington, Ashland, Belmont, Cambridge, Framingham, Holliston, Lexington, Lincoln, Malden, Medford, Natick, Revere, Sherborn, Southborough, Stoneham, […]

It will be ugly!  The Dems are determined to hold onto the seat that Markey slept in for 37 years. The unions will be out in force – along with Planned Parenthood,  Emily’s List,  and all the left-over Acorn socialists. Frank is a great candidate,  and anybody who respects the US Constitution should break ranks […]

You’ve had 23 full days to ponder your utter failure on June 25th – when “Navy SEAL Navy SEAL” was left stranded on the beach in Cohasset. Now we face another Special Election to fill the non-vacuum Markey leaves in the 5th Congressional District.  22 Towns are effected. GOT A PLAN YET?  GOT CANDIDATES? DO […]

I went to another 3rd Congressional District Debate tonight at Fitchburg State.  Somebody has it on video – if you like scary movies, track it down. Niki Tsongas quickly proved that she is (a). totally detached from the real world, (b). a total handmaiden / toady of Nancy Pelosi, and (c). the Third Stupidest Woman […]

  And her faithful MoonBats took it all SO seriously! The email came late Tuesday – RSVP – to join Niki for a ‘debt and deficit town hall‘ at the West Concord Senior Center. Too good for a Republican Activist to pass up! About a hundred gathered, mostly Concord’s MoodBat faithful – or as Stalin would […]

Niki Tsongas is DESPERATE to look like she’s doing something meaningful.   Today she wasted your tax dollars with a self-serving photo-op at the Chelmsford Fire Department – where she took a whole hour to give Chief Curran a check for $73K. She was a bit disgruntled at our reception committee.

Watch this pathetic spectacle of brain-dead socialist Niki Tsongas.  First she can’t even read her script as she ‘questions’ Interior Secretary Ken Salazar [former socialist enviro-nut senator from Colorado] about funding for two national parks.  We’re $14 Trillion in DEBT, but she wants more of your tax dollars spent in her district to buy land. […]

Do You Feel Irrelevant?

November 19th, 2010

Tsongas Clings To The 2% Myth Once upon a time some Socialists set about seeing how they could start dividing up the American people.  They already knew they could pit city vs. country,  coastal dwellers vs. heartland,  gun owners vs. gun haters,  gay exhibitionists vs. Christian traditionalists,  and Red Sox vs. Damn Yankees.  But it […]

B R E A K I N G     S T O R Y Tea Party Patriot reports – Tsongas crew doing a late-nite “decorating job” at a school / polling site in Chelmsford.  Pat McCarthy – [profiled a week ago] – 40-year lifetime Lowell Democrat was caught ‘red handed’ placing Tsongas signs on the school grounds.   […]