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Spreading the Wealth to the under-served,  the uneducated,  the untried,  the unwashed,  and the undeserving;….and damn the consequences. How fast can Charlie Faker copy-cat this one in MassHole?

Her think’um self be heap smart squaw,  – but really speak’um with forked tongue!

He is either a paid George Soros stooge, – or the most naïve boy prosecutor in the land. Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt announced a list of “lesser charges” that he will not prosecute.  He’s pulling the law out from under the Portland Police.  video

He came to town in a BIG BUS,  and drew a crowd of local Socialists large enough to almost fill it.  I spotted the event by sheer chance,  – and of course went to see the lifelong liar in action.  He was telling the crowd how he’s saved nearly every special interest group by the […]

Gee, a BILLION here,  – $40 Million over there,…and Kaepernick still isn’t throwing footballs…   Did Nike make some terrible business decisions?

The search for the Lowest Common Denominator…  He needs to pick one that will help carry a battleground state,  – but who will not scare edgy Whites as BLM has cities burning. His problem:  having been backed into the “Black Female Corner”,  – all he’s got to look at are seriously flawed and scary women.

Someone posted about Obama speaking at the John Lewis funeral,  – and I left a forbidden comment….  BOOM! What do “Community Standards” have to do with FACTS?

Lambs to the slaughter!   Governor Kate Brown is willing to have her state cops hurt or killed – to make the point that Trump is wrong and that Federal Officer were never needed;  – that THEY were responsible for the escalation of violence.   Does she have a secret treaty with Soros and AntiFA?

Will John Henry have a similar banner painted across from Planned Parenthood? If things go south and the fans don’t return,  – will he have to sell the Red Sox,  – or the Boston Globe?

New Logo For The Redskins

July 13th, 2020

Team is still deciding if they’ll be called “The Politicians” or “The Thieves”,  – since calling themselves “The Democrats” is deemed too loathsome for kids to watch.