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New Logo For The Redskins

July 13th, 2020

Team is still deciding if they’ll be called “The Politicians” or “The Thieves”,  – since calling themselves “The Democrats” is deemed too loathsome for kids to watch.

Three videos below the fold.  You’ll enjoy Seattle’s Smurf Police Chief Carmen Best trying to put a leadership face on this ugly chapter in the City’s History.

For weeks now as AntiFA and BLM occupied City Hall and the CHAZ /CHOP in defiance of police – even taking over a precinct house,  LibTurd Mayor Jenny Durkan seemed strangely at ease with their occupation,  – even when the shootings and murders started. SUDDENLY things changed when they marched to her home!

Back when our Constitution was written,  there were no police.  Lawbreaking fools were placed in stocks,  – or tarred and feathered.  The worst were hung.  Most people were well-mannered and well-behaved.   People went to church. Boston formed Police in 1838,  NYC in 1845,  Chicago in 1855,  Los Angeles in 1869.  But even then very few […]

The Mayor of Olympia Washington (the State Capitol) took care to tell local merchants to board up their windows before the BLM protests…. Then she learned the hard way that BLM isn’t about “winning over hearts and minds”;  – it’s all about instilling FEAR!

Their narrative is warping and morphing before your eyes!  Suddenly Little Jacob Frey,  – the liberal boy mayor of riot-torn Minneapolis has been given his new script:  BLAME THE WHITE PEOPLE! You are now REQUIRED to IGNORE what you’ve seen in photos and video;  – mobs of mostly young Blacks (armed with iPhones of course) […]

Minneapolis burns for a second night. Once again we see a goody two-shoes progressive mayor overwhelmed by sudden events,  and with no clue what to do or who to call.  He made the error of thinking his liberal white voice could calm the mob,  – many who were just waiting for an excuse – any […]

Her Rose Garden question was either based on sheer ignorance,  – or in the evil depths of the Democrat Party’s 2020 desperation. At just age 27,  young Nuzzi has found herself in a series of liberal jobs – and not always with good results.

And these arrogant communist pricks wonder why the rest of the Nation despises everything they stand for….