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It had started as an argument between the shooter and another couple. The Shooter killed the man,  – then fled to the mall where police found him.   As they closed in,  he ended his life. In the next video – listen as a hysterical young Black woman starts the rumor that the victim (she didn’t […]

The Botox Queen has seen the Future,  and she’s terrified!   She watched the gloomy hate-spewing DNC last week,  – and now three days into the RNC – she KNOWS the Biden-Harris ticket is doomed – like Mondale-Ferrero in ’84 (only won Minnesota and DC),  and the debates could spell disaster for House Democrats running for […]

As a public service he’s rounding up all the turds that float. Perhaps the most irrelevant and most sour grapes ex-US Senator in modern history has found a new way to embarrass those Arizona voters who once trusted him.  Just re-enroll as a Democrat-Socialist Jeff,  – and enjoy your new friends.

The so-called “Democrat Party” hasn’t stooped this low since Carter,  Dukakis,  Clinton,  Gore,  Kerry,  Obama,  and Hillary. 32 years ago Joe dropped out when the media widely reported his lying and plagiarism.  Since then he sold his offices to any and all who came with cash.  What happened to that 1988 media?

Her think’um self be heap smart squaw,  – but really speak’um with forked tongue!

Viewership of the 2020 DNC is so low it won’t pay media production costs.  It’s like watching a factory robot,  – it’s all planned,  mostly prerecorded,  and predictable.   Desperate,  the networks resort to lying and distortion to stir up interest,  – and NYC’s Bronx Commie Princess takes umbrage? No doubt AOC was already pissed off […]

So far no re-run of Chicago 2008.   The real rioting is in Seattle and Portland,  – the real killing in Chicago,  Cincinnati,  and NYC. Eight lonely Bernie Babes protesting at an empty convention hall is hardly newsworthy.

It’s a ‘virtual convention’ – meaning no crowds of horny National Committee Critters in town looking for love in all the wrong hotel bars… It’s a ‘virtual convention’ in another important way too;  – most of those attending – either in person or by remote hook-up – are not Democrats.  They’re World Socialists,  Globalists,  – […]

Slow Joe Is Gonna SAVE Us ALL!

August 13th, 2020

A chilling foreshadowing – his instinct is to rule by dicta…

As the Kabuki Theater played out Wednesday afternoon,  – look at the next photo and decide for yourself….