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Commies Are Set To Run America

November 30th, 2020

They never had to fire a shot;  – just ‘fix’ the voting machines… Presidential Wannabe China Joe Bribe’em is hiring his media allies to shield him from ugly and unwanted questions. Joe’s new Press Secretary will be Jen Psaki – recycled from the Clinton-Kerry State Department with a sugar-coating of CNN.  She will be the […]

Even Democrats who weren’t directly involved in the vote-switching, the mail-in ballot stuffing, or the 3 am ballot boxes are cringing in guilt.  They’re hoping that time is on their side,  – but it isn’t. Even If John Roberts finds some convoluted way to persuade a conservative Justice to ignore the massive evidence of coordinated […]

Trump Pardons General Mike Flynn!

November 25th, 2020

From 2016,  – even before Trump was inaugurated,  his National Security Advisor General Flynn was targeted by the corrupt Clinton FBI cartel – for ‘colluding with the Russians’. A good and honest man,  he never knew that his initial ‘defense lawyers‘ were actually cartel insiders – including Eric Holder.

Biden Screws The Screwers!

November 25th, 2020

There can be very little joy – or even humor,  – watching the massive voter fraud that many Democrats ~ think ~ has elected China Joe as POTUS #46. But we can get a chuckle watching him screw his Democrat cohorts out of cabinet positions they ~ thought ~ they’d ‘earned’ by campaigning for him.  […]

New Yorkers Welcome GIANT RATS!

November 22nd, 2020

Even as their rich and mega-rich citizens flee to Dutchass County and the Hamptons, – they are being replaced by hordes of well-fed giant rats. New Yorkers shouldn’t complain;  – they VOTED for this Commie Mayor,  – then even after they saw what an inept asshole hypocrite he is,  – they re-elected him.   The rats […]

Has American Common Sense Died?

November 17th, 2020

The sheer in-your-face arrogance of the left since Election Day is mind-numbing!   Any one of them is a bad joke,  – but taken together the left seems to be testing the limits of our patience and our restraint.  Have they never read our Constitution?  Do they think they can survive or even win the revolt […]

Three doctors – each with an agenda and perhaps craving power,  – are to be named as co-chairs of the Biden COVID Task Force. Will they urge a nationwide MASK MANDATE?  A National Curfew?  Postponing all vaccines for another year of ‘trials’?  NONE of them has experience in epidemiology. But they DO make a nice […]