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For weeks now as AntiFA and BLM occupied City Hall and the CHAZ /CHOP in defiance of police – even taking over a precinct house,  LibTurd Mayor Jenny Durkan seemed strangely at ease with their occupation,  – even when the shootings and murders started. SUDDENLY things changed when they marched to her home!

When de Blasio first took office on New Year’s Day 2014,  – he made a point of telling the crowd how afraid he was that the NYPD might mistreat his Black teenage son.  He has always hated cops. This move is designed to placate the demands of BLM.  It won’t.  They’ve just learned that if […]

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley is from Boston,  a member of “The Squad”,  and she is as anti-White and hate-filled as any of the Race Pimps. Because right now hate sells better than healing or unity,  – expect to hear this kind of rant from Pressley on a regular basis.  The media needs this kind of ranting […]

Until judges start handing out severe sentences for trespass, bullying, terrorism, and menacing. BLM thugs will get bolder and more obnoxious by the day.  Go everywhere ARMED! Scary video below the fold: 

If you think this is about a knee on a neck,  – or police profiling,  – or even about Black Lives,  – you are a naïve fool.   WAKE UP! This is George Soros using a variety of front groups;  – the Democrats,  the teachers,  BLM,  AntiFA, – and the Left Wing Media to discredit every […]

Soros is after complete anarchy,  – so if his expendable gullible cannon fodder shoot each other along the way,  – it actually HELPS!

The Left-Wing Media runs headlines about a major defeat for Trump,  – ignores that some 700,000+ DACA kids – now mostly grown, – are taking jobs that poor Black and Hispanic kids (US Citizens) will never get. Noteworthy for the moment is that once again Chief Justice Roberts sided with the LibTurds – and gleefully […]

The Mayor of Olympia Washington (the State Capitol) took care to tell local merchants to board up their windows before the BLM protests…. Then she learned the hard way that BLM isn’t about “winning over hearts and minds”;  – it’s all about instilling FEAR!

Private thoughts?  Forbidden!  Contrary viewpoints?  A FIRING offense! Vermont is known for it’s natural beauty,  skiing,  growing and smoking a lot of weed,  and protecting the family pedophiles.  Now they’ve fully embraced the BLM white guilt propaganda, and you dare not speak out!!