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This has all the hallmarks of luring police into a trap – for a kill. The 37-yr old suspect fled the scene – was arrested later.  The police car was destroyed.  This is the face and fury of 21st Century urban guerrilla warfare – funded by George Soros. Democrat-run cities first,  – then yours.

If you want a peek into what our Young Republic will become if ever the new progressive left achieves their ‘revolution’ – just look at Seattle,  Portland,  and San Francisco.  2 videos:

At first listen – this highly inappropriate question to Judge Barrett from the junior Hawaiian Senator seems to reinforce Mazie’s well-deserved reputation for being a dim-witted loose cannon from another planet… WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON….is setting up the groundwork for Democrats to ask the SAME QUESTION of all future Republican nominees:  “We ask the SAME […]

If Joe’s wife,  family,  and campaign team (handlers) are helping cover this up,  – it is a huge fraud against the American People. VIDEO below the fold:

The Harris-Biden “Soul of the Nation” bus tour kicked off in Arizona,  – in an empty garage – with a few reporters sitting in their assigned circles…. Where were the throngs of enthusiastic and hysterical Democrat voters who’d been waiting for HOURS to see them?

The similarities and stark differences with Kenosha cannot be overlooked. The final seconds of Lee Keltner’s 49-year life were captured on video.  The murder trial of Matthew Robert Dolloff will make headlines,  – and make some lawyer’s career. Can Denver find 12 jurors not high on marijuana?

Facebook Censors Strike Again!

October 11th, 2020

They must be using an AI algorithm – within seconds they slammed this as “bullying”.   Who might feel bullied?   Political whores or working whores?

2,000 Car Trump Parade In Miami

October 11th, 2020

Reports vary – was it 2,000 cars, – or 30,000 cars?   Another video below the fold:

In a predawn parade in Pyongyang,  the NorKs unveiled their new giant ICBM,  – carried on an equally impressive 22-wheel TEL. We are left wondering if China Joe can find Pyongyang on an unmarked map…