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Thank God For Courageous Jurors!

November 19th, 2021

The Propaganda Ministry and their toady – pResident China Joe,  – are apoplectic and babbling incoherently….   “How DARE they let this White Supremacist off…?  All of America should be thanking Judge Schroeder and the jurors for their extraordinary service – under a hostile and lying media microscope.

The still-unnamed suspect – age vic 31,  had a history of drug use.  He may have killed a person found dead in a nearby parked car. Not to fear, BOTH men will continue to vote in the next 3 general elections…..

What is it with Pennsylvania?  They can’t (won’t) conduct honest elections,  – and their prosecutors won’t honor agreements?  Conviction overturned!

At RRB we wonder if all those Christians down in Georgia really understood the mind and soul of the man they were voting for,  – or were they just looking at skin color? 

It’s Judge Amy Coney Barrett!

September 26th, 2020

Democrats are writhing in agony.   Their hatred for our Constitution and for unborn children will spill out of your TV sets and into our streets.

Karma Comes To Evil Jerry Nadler

September 25th, 2020

Fat Jerry and his pal Adam Shift led the failed impeachment probe into Trump.   It seems that Mother Nature paid him back a little – and in public,  – Thursday.   Long overdue!

Michigan’s MoonBat Anti-Trump Governor Gretchen Whitmer is feeling voter back-lash – BIG TIME! When they come this heavily armed,  your arbitrary actions and executive orders have gotten their attention!

It seems like just last year that CNN was interviewing Michael Avenatti nearly every afternoon and evening.  We were ~ told ~ that he ‘had the goods’ on Donald Trump. Now Avenatti is in big trouble for trying to shake down sneaker company Nike,  – he owes years of back taxes,  – owes tons of […]