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Rigging,…fixing,…cheating,…denying,…lying,…. With so much practice, – and generations of experience,  – you’d think they’d be better at it.   But they remain inept and clumsy.

The instant I heard Trump clear his throat while talking with Sean Hannity last night,  – I turned to Mrs. Iron Mike and said “CNN will be all over that tomorrow!”  Sure enough! Over these next 25 days – until November 3rd,  the Left will try every dirty trick in the book to (a).  remove […]

Biden’s brain (what’s left of it)  is firmly stuck in the 1950s and 1960s,  – and every so often he proves it! VIDEO BELOW THE FOLD:  Cringeworthy! 

Caution:  icky, sleazy, disgusting video: 

They’ve tried everything:  Russian Interference – Russian Collusion – Ukrainian Phone Call – Impeachment – Tax Records – Coronavirus – Lockdowns – BLM Race Riots – Toppling Statues – Mail-In Voting – – and now a mega-rich vindictive widow claims Trump Called Veterans “Losers” – – – It’s political and it’s personal….deeply personal:

They bickered all day – ringleader Kshama Sawant (a commie from India) wanted much deeper cuts,  – so she was the NO vote… They did this the very evening after several hundred rioters tore up downtown Chicago,  – so they are well aware how important good cops are to the survival of a city.   They […]

Maybe they were auditioning for Biden’s Supreme Court List? Buying into BULLSHIT!  These three judges on Boston’s First Circuit decided that the hearing judge ~ somehow ~ failed to consider the emotional impact of the Marathon Bombing on the Greater Boston Jury Pool…so they overturned Dzhokhar’s death sentence.

“Conduct unbecoming” – The sad case of yet another Obama AA/EEO sailor going amok on the streets of Sunny California. The incident took place on Sunday, 19 July 2020,  in Southern California,  – about 15 miles from where Miss Piggy is stationed at Naval Base Ventura County.  She appears to have a weight control problem,  […]