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Acosta Falls On His Sword!

July 12th, 2019

Suddenly Democrats and their Left-Wing Media have discovered under-age sex…  And Acosta is guilty of not being tough enough? Can anybody reading this remember back to Massachusetts Congressman Gerry Studds,  boffing under-age pages in his House Office…?

You could easily fall victim Rachael.  Is THIS a case for your “Restorative Justice”?  Does the victim get a vote? Under DemoCraps,  Boston is fast becoming Newark and Chicago!

The Poontang President will be sweating today, – and for some weeks to come.  His old Party Pal Jeff Epstein is due in court today for arraignment. With Epstein in cuffs, – and securely locked away, new witnesses may come pouring out of the woodwork.  All the bad stuff that those 2016 Hillary fans totally […]

Best Video Of The Debate!

June 27th, 2019

Transparency at last!  They blew their cover!  Brian Williams throws open the closet door,  and Donny Deutsch and Lawrence O’Donnell get into a heated discussion over which Democrat can beat Trump.   “We gotta get Trump out!” These people are not ‘journalists’ or ‘political commentators’,  – they’re propaganda robots and democrat cheerleaders!

Guess WHAT CNN…?  The CRISIS at the BORDER is caused by the CRISIS in Pelosi’s House of Representatives.  We NEED that WALL!  These dead Mexicans NEEDED THAT WALL! ALL NINE (9) of MassHole’s DemoCRAPS side with Pelosi!  So do the Squaw and Chevy Chase Eddie.  They caused this.

He must have inherited a big slice of his dad’s horn-dog gene,  along with his love of back-room insider deals.  This Yale lawyer got booted out of the Navy Reserve (he joined to look honorable) when he failed a piss test on his first weekend drill.  That didn’t stop him from making lucrative deals in […]

The 54 year old Guatemalan-born 3-term Democrat Congresswoman from Pomona, Calif chose her words carefully – to shock and to be insulting… At RRB we have to ask:   HOW does the gentle-lady determine that certain men are sex-starved? Longer video below the fold:

Dubuque, Iowa  Sun nite 2 June 2019:  Horrible and grotesque!  Senator Gillibrand (D-NY) is a guest at a Fox Town Hall,  and gets a question from the audience about her support for late-term or last trimester abortion. She never answers the question – – instead attacks Fox and claims women have a “Constitutional Right to […]

Proving again that turds float to the surface, the University of Maine System just hired former Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy as their new Chancellor… Malloy raised taxes,  drove business and industry OUT of the state,  signed various anti-gun laws,  and turned the already broke little state into a sanctuary for illegals. RRB predicts a bad […]