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The lives of millions depend of two of the most corrupt and evil men in American History.  The picture is grim.  Without a miracle cure – arriving quickly,  things here could go to hell very quickly.  This is the scenario China and the Democraps were hoping for two years ago.   In the most simple terms […]

Obama’s Third Term Stand-In…

December 15th, 2021

At RRB we continually refer to China Joe’s puppet-masters.   This short video may explain why,  – and give you an insight to ongoing events.  Did you ever really think that Joe is calling the shots…?

The truly sad part is that die-hard LibTurds will always believe that Trump incited the storming of the Congress,  – and that young Kyle came to Kenosha to kill Blacks – and killed two and wounded one of them.   Facts?  They don’t want to hear the FACTS.

No Murder Charges? Either One?

November 8th, 2021

Sort of destroys his ‘tough guy’ self-image…  What drugs is he taking for his dementia?  Time for retirement to Walter Reed?

The more we learn about “Doctor” Fauci,  – the more he seems like Josef Mengele reincarnate.  The ‘experiments” were carried out in Tunisia – why? And we Americans are supposed to follow HIS guidance on masks,  gatherings,  and mandatory vaccinations…?   REMEMBER:  He LIED about paying the Chinese for Gain-of-Function work on Bat Coronavirus!   Still trust […]

As the George Soros Communists rant about defunding and ‘reimagining’ the Police,  – the media is busy spinning blame away from the obvious…. RIP: Gabby Petito and Halyna Hutchins.  You deserved much better men in your short lives.   A ‘gun’ didn’t kill Halyna – a career left-wing asshole did. UPDATE: Tuesday, 23 Nov 2021 It […]

Did he/she invite his ex-wife – Dr. Martha Peaslee Levine – to the swearing-in? 

Albuquerque used to be a quiet artist enclave.   Today it sits astride a smuggling / illegal immigrant crossroads.  It has become another Soros City. District Attorney Raul Torrez is the perfect stealth commie:  Harvard, – London School of Economics, – Stanford Law.   Soros paid for his election. Law Professor Mary Leto Pareja – bi-lingual – […]