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Globalism Is Burning In France!

December 2nd, 2018

Americans shouldn’t smirk too broadly at what is happening in France these days,  – because it may soon be happening right here. The “Gilets Jaunes” – the Yellow Vests – are working-class Frenchmen, – disgusted to the point of revolution at where French voters have pointed their future….

The G20 Players: Mostly Crooks

November 30th, 2018

Because most of the Media are Globalists,  – this meeting is being presented as ‘Mankind’s answer to global problems’….  Hardly! Let’s look at some recent history:

The age-old conflict:  what should our Nation do – when one man’s ‘rights’ place your son and your Freedom in mortal jeopardy… In their mindless quest for VOTES,  the Left has pushed for combat roles for women – and gay troops. Now they want our armed forces to openly admit people with a history of […]

Pay Attention Charlie Faker!

November 18th, 2018

For these past three years,  Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has been an outspoken Trump-basher. In Liberal MassHole – that may have helped get him re-elected 12 days ago. But bad shit happens. Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom were equally (or greater) Trump-bashers out West,  – until forest fires killed some 70 people – and displaced […]

For decades MassHoles sent the Murderer and the Traitor to the US Senate,  – then in time replaced them with the Squaw and Chevy Chase Eddie (– the guy who’s ONLY job ever was driving an ice cream truck). Now Arizona just replaced the Never-Trump open-borders Flake with the Girl in the Pink Tutu….

What the HELL is in that Florida water?  What is turning once-reasonable and thinking voters into panting fans of political voodoo? When the mayor of the MOST corrupt city in the state is able to con otherwise reasonable voters into following him,…we wonder what kind of psychedelic drugs have been introduced into the water supply?

She’s been Chancellor for 13 years – during which she all but destroyed her country,  – and by extension all of Europe – by encouraging wholesale Muslim migration without regard to the inevitable consequences. So she’s stepping aside – won’ run for Chancellor again in 2019 – won’t run for re-election in 2021.   Too damned […]

A moment worth the wait!   My feel-good moment of the week.   Even BETTER than winning Mega Millions!  Folks had waited – camped out overnight to get in. It was so good to see these two mega-patriots on the same stage together! video:

TRUTH:   It was an orchestrated event so foul,  so obnoxious,  and so fixed that I kept clicking away.  Geoff was a sucker for agreeing to the format,  and Warren essentially used her time to attack Trump,  “the Rich”,  – and guns. We watched an honorable gentleman who came unprepared into an arena to be used […]

Good people – those who live by the 10 Commandments,  by a Code of Honor,  – and who take their Oaths of Office seriously,  – often have difficulty understanding the depths of evil that exist in certain other people. In the case of Federal Judge Lamberth,  even he underestimated the level of corruption in BOTH the […]