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The LibTurds went judge-shopping, and found an immigrant judge sympathetic to the Honduran Caravans… Trump had issued an order that the ONLY border-crossers to be considered for asylum would be those who cross through ports of entry. The ACLU and the Center for Constitutional Rights went looking for a Globalist judge – and Traitor Tigar […]

Marsha is one of the most genteel and refined Southern Ladies to ever hold elected office, and she’s running against a dishonest anti-Gun Democrat. What political irony that a so-called neutral “search engine” decides that THEY will monitor what is acceptable for Americans to see.   Maybe doing so much business in Communist China has conditioned […]

She’s been Chancellor for 13 years – during which she all but destroyed her country,  – and by extension all of Europe – by encouraging wholesale Muslim migration without regard to the inevitable consequences. So she’s stepping aside – won’ run for Chancellor again in 2019 – won’t run for re-election in 2021.   Too damned […]


How terrified are the Europeans of their Muslim invaders? 21st Century Globalism has gone amok;  – a European court you’re never heard of just issued a “ruling” upholding an Austrian court’s decision to fine a woman $547,  – for calling Muhammad a pedophile for marrying 6-year old Aisha. The European Court of Human Rights concluded […]

When Soros wanted to disrupt America back with the Occupy Movement – he failed.  Today he is funding and directing the AntiFA forces – mostly on the West Coast.  They’re a big problem,  – but they too are failing to cripple America in those cities. Now he’s calling up his reserves,  – an invading horde […]

She acts as if her re-election on November 6th is a ‘sure thing,  – “in the bag”… So when George Soros provides a mob of USEFUL IDIOTS to protest the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh,  – she’s happily ready to lead them,  – as yet another step on her “Path to the White House”.

Kerry had to show up – there were TV cameras.  We can only imagine how much he misses his fat buddy Teddy,  – when he lowers himself to chum around with Jeff Flake. Kerry sold out the Western World to the Iranian Twelvers;  Flake sold out another generation of unborn Americans.

Germans Protest Erdo?an’s Visit

September 29th, 2018

The new Cologne Central Mosque is large,  – and to Germans plagued with both Muslim immigrants and Muslim terrorism,  – it is a scary omen of things to come. The LAST thing they want now is a visit by Recep Tayyip Erdo?an,  – the new Turkish Hitler, – for the grand opening!

Maine’s collection of Weird Women – AKA the Maine People’s Alliance,  – has crowd-funded over $1,000,000.oo to fund some future 2020 challenger.  Collins won her THIRD re-election in 2014 with 68.4% of the vote. At RRB we don’t want to marginalize women with unfortunate conditions,  – but these women seem to feel that their lives depend […]