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Last year in Canada, Germany’s globalist socialist Chancellor Merkel overplayed her hand, she berated and scolded Trump in full view of the media.  She didn’t like his encouragement of Brexit,  or his attitude toward unvetted Muslim migrants. Fourteen months later, events have changed across the globe,  and England has a new Prime Minister.  Like Trump, […]

As the 2020 Presidential Campaign grinds on, – soundbite after soundbite,  – and as you hear Democrats echo Merkel’s belief that our national strength is built on welcoming ALL immigrants…. You might want to remember this video….of a Syrian immigrant in Stuttgart, Germany,…practicing what the Qur’an teaches him…

Until the moment when they’ve placed their swords to your throat,  – Muslims always pretend they are the victimized….

A 20-year old video resurfaces – to explain everything you need to know about Creeping Sharia. It’s why your public officials, your schools, and the entertainment industry appears to embrace everything Muslim,  while ignoring all of Islam’s evils.  1 minute video:

He just won 66% of the Conservative Party vote, and will become Prime Minister in a handover ceremony from Theresa May tomorrow.   Many in England – mostly in their Labour Party hate Johnson and hate the idea of leaving the EU,  much like buttsore Democrats in the US hate Trump. The tasks facing Johnson are […]

Iranian Propaganda Video

July 20th, 2019

This purports to show IRG Commandos seizing a British tanker in the Straits of Hormuz.  It may be genuine, or it may have been filmed after the fact.   Doesn’t matter,  – they’ve demonstrated they know how to grab an unarmed civilian vessel.  Had the ship’s crew been armed with heavy rifles (.50 cal) – the […]

It started with Carter – the Georgia peanut merchant, – who spent the first 2½ years of his presidency lecturing foreign dictators on HUMAN RIGHTS and Christian Values….while he let our military wither for lack of ammo and spare parts. Then he threw the Shah under the bus, and when the radical students took our […]

America’s Liberals need to wake up and understand that the eternally sworn enemies of all things Christian and Western have managed to get into our country, and are now in our Congress. NO WORDS written in our Bible or in our Founding Documents were intended as a suicide pact. We are not obligated by “Christian […]

It’s WAY past time for Jewish Democrats to WAKE UP!