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The more tests – the more healthy people will be walking around asymptomatic looking for a government check. Joe,  we’re not stupid.   We know who’s PAYING for those FREE tests. Do his puppeteers really think a stunt like this will stifle criticism?

Of course he blamed somebody!  Guess who?

Chicago has 2.75 million people, their last Republican mayor – Big Bill Thompson, – left office 91 years ago. Wars have been fought with fewer killed and wounded than happened in Chicago just in 2021.

NEVER let a tornado go to waste….. Criswell is the typical politically savvy Democrap opportunist,  – jumping on CNN to spread fear of more tornadoes, – then getting her picture taken briefing the Dementia Patient.

76 Years Of Democrap Incompetence

December 11th, 2021

They were all racists,  – all incompetents and with inflated résumés,  – all were weak and got Americans and our allies killed…. Thanks to a stolen election and cowardly courts,  America no longer leads.  Xi,  Putin, Soros, and Fauci now share world leadership. We may be headed into a 21st Century Dark Age.  Pray!

Did landing a job beyond her qualifications,  – then getting a steady stream of promotions,  – cause her to believe she was smarter than the Navy’s submarine designers? Where have we seen this behavior before?

In her clueless racist mind the number of TREES in a neighborhood has something to do with the number of Black people living there….   T-H-I-S  is her chief worry? REMEMBER:   When Biden goes to Walter Reed,  we’re STUCK with her!

The media (the Propaganda Ministry of the American Communist Party) is determined to hold BLAMELESS,  – even turn into ‘the Victim‘ – the asshole who mocked Trump for 4 years.   He is still their hero.   Don’t you be fooled: RULES for GUN SAFETY:

As the George Soros Communists rant about defunding and ‘reimagining’ the Police,  – the media is busy spinning blame away from the obvious…. RIP: Gabby Petito and Halyna Hutchins.  You deserved much better men in your short lives.   A ‘gun’ didn’t kill Halyna – a career left-wing asshole did. UPDATE: Tuesday, 23 Nov 2021 It […]