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It seems there are a LOT of people in the Trump Administration marching to their own drummers, – giving barely faint lip service to the man that hired them and the Nation they are sworn to serve. First it was Jeff Sessions,  then James Comey,  – then Rex Tillerson,  then Sally Yates,  Rachel Brand,  Andrew […]

Gang Bloodshed In Allentown

June 21st, 2019

Details still fuzzy, but at closing time – 2 AM Thursday, as the patrons were stepping out onto the sidewalk,  three gunpersons showed up at the Deja Vu on Hamilton Street to settle a grudge.  Not fuzzy at all: 10 wounded and taken to the hospital.   NOBODY TALKING to the cops! “GunPERSONS”?  It seems one […]

U.S. District Judge Indira Talwani sits in Boston,  – nominated by Obama,  and she just issued a written order enjoining ICE from making Civil Arrests in Massachusetts Courthouses.  Per her order,  ICE can still make Criminal Arrests in the courthouses,  and Civil Arrests of people already in State or Federal Custody. Judge Talwani is the […]

For the folks who waited up to 2 full days – since very early Monday, the Boss did not disappoint! He hit every subject area – Promises Made, Promises KEPT! Enjoy the video: 

She is the perfect British reflection of our own traitors,  – sort of like a Pelosi and a Romney rolled into one despicably selfish and vengeful globalist ego. “Screw the damned voters – those stupid peasants!”

We’ve been saying this for over 10 years on RRB,  – but it will help the disbelievers to hear it from another voice. Your local Democrat is in league with Pelosi and those Mexican Drug Cartels.  Which foreign enemy will they help conquer us – the Muslims or the Mexicans?

Mexico has run the numbers, added up the pluses and minuses, and seen the light. They may have also come to understand that THIS America President isn’t like any they’ve ever known before…. They’ve agreed to take back and hold – on T-H-E-I-R side of the border – any migrants (Pelosi voters) we catch coming […]

Any Room Left Democrats?

June 5th, 2019

With 24 declared Democrats / Socialists candidates lined up already, – is there any room left in your Clown Car for some BIG NAMES (or wide bodies)? Still awaiting announcements from Stacey Abrams,  MoonBeam Brown,  Lil Timmy Kaine,  Lurch,  Moosechelle,  Hillary Herself,  Oprah,  Mark Cuban,  and Wimpy Willard… The Iowa Caucuses are Monday, 3 Feb,  […]

One of Trump’s most low-key and most highly diplomatic appearances,  – and he still manages to deliver some important messages – to the Brits and to Mexico.   Enjoy.

The Trump Train is rolling again!  This time it is a 3-day visit in advance of the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day Normandy Landings in WWII. Once again the Trumps – the whole family – make us proud. video: