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For the men and women who served in this God-forsaken land,  who lost friends there,  – this video will be hard to watch. I understand.  I felt the same way back when I was forced to read Harry Summer’s book “On Strategy”.  It ate at me….

When Trump mentioned Dr. Fauci, the crowd chanted “Lock him up!” 

Biden’s new SecLabor isn’t looking back.  For over 7 years as Mayor of Boston he defied the Federal Government and ran Boston as a “Sanctuary City”,  – refusing to cooperate with ICE.  Now we’re starting to learn what was slipping through the cracks. Now we all get to clean up Marty’s liberal trash – including […]

It began at 2 am Saturday – a Mass State Trooper sees two cars on the roadside – flashers on – refilling gas tanks.  He stops to assist,  – and discovers members of of a heavily armed Muslim militia group.  Things got tense… Nobody in the group wanted to produce either driver’s licenses or firearms […]

Do you ~ suppose ~ these union guys really liked Trump’s economic and energy independence programs, – way better than the bullshit the Dementia Patient was trying to sell?

You ~ might ~ say “He’s back!” – – but the fact is THIS President never left us! Ask yourself….where have you seen Bill Clinton or Barack Obama draw crowds like this after they were president…?

It was the trip she’s been avoiding for over 3 months,  – since the Dementia Patient named her as his “Person in Charge” of the Border Crisis. The entire trip was staged to avoid ANY photos or video of her actually looking at illegal migrants – especially kids sent over by Mexican cartel coyotes.  She […]

The fun, thrill, and glory of working for VP Kneepads is gone – and so are they! Karly Satkowiak and Gabrielle DeFranceschi are departing the White House office of Advance Travel.  Karly is the Director for Kamala,  – Gabby her assistant (interned in the Obama WH) – but were unable to book Kamala’s trip to […]

It was a rough week for China Joe in Europe.   He continued to look like a wandering dementia patient,  – out on a short leash with a name tag and a deck of flash cards… The stock markets reacted to SOMETHING,   – was it the now-obvious reality that Joe is utterly incompetent – and failing […]

Pathetic.  Embarrassing.  Watch as Biden gets up and dodders off like a patient in a nursing home,  – before Jill rescues him. Watch the video twice or three times.   Note that the Europeans are laughing at Biden,  – they have no respect for him.  They know he is a dementia patient being hand-led by Jill […]