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Trump has sent Cease and Desist Letters to the RNC,  the RNCC,  and the RNSC to stop using his name and likeness (photos / images) in fundraising. He’s learned an important lesson;  – that not everybody who claims to be a Republican really is, – and many are coin-operated RiNOs and backstabbers,  – like the […]

Any father would be upset to catch his 17-yr old daughter having sex;  – but how many would immediately behead the girl?

Is the Mayor of Cocaine City really ready to give up the racket? 

CPAC 2021: President Donald Trump

February 28th, 2021

Much of Trump’s speech will anger Biden’s handlers and the Left-Wing Media….

RRB thinks we’re looking at a future American President.

NEVER send a boy to do a Man’s Job! Let’s face it – most Democraps don’t even know how to display our American Flag… 

Has Wall Street Finally Woken Up?

February 25th, 2021

Joe Biden is a career cheat,  plagiarizer,  grifter,  and kleptocrat, – who now is obviously suffering from dementia…. After 5 weeks of denial and rising stocks,  have the big money investors begun to sell off – while they can…? How long before Joe is blundering through his first big international crisis – advised by VP […]

Antonio Mugica is a Venezuelan entrepreneur who invented a voting machine which enabled Hugo Chavez to steal an election and become the dictator of that once-prosperous land. Now those machines are widely used in Europe and the Americas,  – most recently here in November 2020,  and again last month in Georgia.   Lou Dobb was fearless […]