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… that career drunk Bill Weld has dropped out of the 2020 Presidential Race. We were so looking forward to when Joe Biden would counsel him in public about his behavior around women…. And frankly,  – we were hoping for a few more weeks of mocking his back-stabbing,  Obama-loving,  Trump-hating drunken ass.  Hey Bill, – […]

Are these just two star-crossed lovebirds stuck in the spotlight of DC intrigue and politics? Or did they get married so they cannot be compelled to testify against each other.

Trump speaks to the nation from the Oval Office,  – reassures Americans and announces a travel ban from Europe and other drastic measures to combat the Coronavirus and ease the economic impact. Only Democrats and their media toadies will find fault with this address.

It was Michigan that in November 2016 forever dashed Hillary’s White House dreams.  Maybe she took those 1.2 million voters in the 2016 Democrat Primary as a “SURE THING”,  – but she forgot the 1.3 million Republicans who’d voted the same day. There are 7,671,381 registered voters in Michigan – NOT registered by party.  They […]

It’s gonna turn out on Tuesday – the only voters she’ll get are the old dried-up Hillary women…and their pussified husbands. 

Remembering An American Hero

February 29th, 2020

Sometimes in troubled times – true heroes emerge from unlikely quarters.  Today we need Admiral (Doctor) C. Everett Koop to calm America’s current irrational panic. If you’re too young to remember clearly the early 1980s,  – and the growing alarm over gay men dying by droves with unexplained very rare diseases: Pneumocystis pneumonia and Kaposi’s […]

The $$$$ Squeeze is coming to some Sanctuary Cities! 77-page decision eviscerates the claims of so-called “Sanctuary Cities and States” and their hiding behind the 10th Amendment.

It has taken three years,  but President Trump is moving on yet another promise;  – to round up and deport the most violent illegal aliens,  – and where necessary do it in the very heart of Left-Wing “Sanctuary Cities”. He has dispatched ten teams of Border Patrol BORTAC agents into the most egregious liberal cities […]

No sooner did Done-Nothing Amy pop up to 3rd Place in New Hampshire,  – and her past comes racing to the fore to haunt her. Folks, – they’re ALL hypocrites.  Every damned one of them.