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Bitterness and backstabbing run through Willard’s veins.  In 2012,  – in the wake of the Benghazi Massacre,  he managed to lose to the anti-American Muslim 332-206. Then in 2016 after months of being a never-Trumper,  he came and begged President-Elect Trump for the Department of State,  – only to be very publicly rejected.   In 2018 […]

One Long Day : 5 Trump Rallies!

November 3rd, 2020

Count them:  Fayetteville – Wilkes-Barre Scranton – Traverse City – Kenosha – Grand Rapids. America has never had a President with this much energy and this much love for the American People!

Those Americans didn’t serve,  and fight,  and die so that future generations of uneducated and pussified Americans could vote to discard our sovereignty and be governed by a family of corrupt Delaware thieves, liars, and plagiarizers. Whether you see your vote as a privilege or a right,  – it comes with an equally heavy responsibility.   DON’T BLOW […]

As Trump and the crowd watched the action  – they were all unaware that the F-16s were intercepting an unauthorized interloper into the restricted airspace. By popping flares,  the F-16s got the attention of the civilian pilot – who will be talked to….

Atlanta is a Democrat-run city,  – 35 Democrat mayors in a row since 1879.  We might have expected a bigger crowd for their candidate…. Meanwhile,  our Energy President held rallies in West Salem, Wisconsin,  – Lansing, Michigan,  – and Omaha, Nebraska…

Don’t let their bombastic lies and distortions fool you! The ELEPHANTS in the ROOM are those ongoing campaign contributions (aka F-R-E-E MONEY) from Planned Parenthood.   Killing babies – mostly Black and Hispanic babies,  – has become their way of life.

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