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Everything and MORE is never enough for this race-baiting publicity-addicted trollop! She snagged Britain’s Bastard Prince,  – had a Royal Wedding,  was received kindly enough,  had a royal baby,  – demanded her Prince give up his Title and move to America,  – where they’ve become Royal Pains in our Asses.   Meghan,  your problems with the […]

The 100 lb mother of 4 boys who humiliated Robert Francis ‘Beto’ O’Rourke in public just beat sitting 6-term Republican Scott Tipton 54 : 46 in the Colorado Primary! It’s not that Tipton is a ‘bad’ Republican or even a RiNO;  – it’s just that he was too settled into Washington, – and way too […]

The Left-Wing Media runs headlines about a major defeat for Trump,  – ignores that some 700,000+ DACA kids – now mostly grown, – are taking jobs that poor Black and Hispanic kids (US Citizens) will never get. Noteworthy for the moment is that once again Chief Justice Roberts sided with the LibTurds – and gleefully […]

There it was!   All the PROOF that any thinking American voter will ever need,  – that deep inside him (actually, not very deep) Joe Biden is an unreconstructed racist,  –  and at age 77 he won’t change by Election Day. Joe has lived in a world apart,  where he was served by Black waiters, and […]

It was stiffer upper Botox lip time for the Wicked Witch as she swore in two freshman Republicans to the final months of the 116th Congress. Mike is an Annapolis grad and F-18 fighter pilot with 30 missions over Iraq. Each won special elections on May 12th – and will have to run for reelection […]

Sweden was once the breeding grounds of the most fierce Vikings, but in recent history (since WWII) they have become a land of Globalist pussies,  eagerly proving their “welcoming acceptance” of strangers…  That attitude of ACCEPTANCE cost 17-year old Wilma Andersson her head… Sweden has just 10.3 million people – less than Calif, Texas, Florida, […]

Allegedly “banned by YouTube”,  – we found it on YouTube,  – but comments had been turned off. Feel free to leave comments here!

Jupiter Florida straddles the Loxahatchee River,  90 miles north of Miami.   A lot of folks there have expensive boats. Carlos is a Cuban refugee who made good.   Now retired, – he lives in a waterfront mansion with his family.  A vacation trip to Aspen, Colorado gave him Coronavirus, – which nearly killed him. Hydroxychloroquine saved […]

With our Nation on lockdown, – with 22 million Americans out of work and millions of businesses closed due to the Wuhan Chinese Coronavirus,…we don’t need any more mouths to feed! Democrats will go bullshit – as their supply of new 2020 illegal voters gets cut off.