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Our Founders Fought 2 Wars be be rid of Mad Kings!

Good Luck Mayor Eric Adams!

January 1st, 2022

Democrats have only two (2) solutions for any issue: more RULES and BLAME!   Last elected in 2018,  she’s been on the Public Payroll since 1975….   Michigan voters are Socialists at heart.

Another Biden Babe Is Quitting!

December 14th, 2021

She has an MEd from Harvard (’96),  – but became a passionate advocate for illegal immigrants. Did it take her a whole six months to realize that to the Biden Cabal – illegals are mere political pawns…?

You knew that things were getting tense and edgy at CNN when they rehired Jeffrey Toobin. Are on-air lawyers that hard to find? Now Chris Wallace is departing Fox and joining CNN.  Four long years of his anti-Trump slap-shots endeared him to few,  – and they stopped watching Fox anyway….

76 Years Of Democrap Incompetence

December 11th, 2021

They were all racists,  – all incompetents and with inflated résumés,  – all were weak and got Americans and our allies killed…. Thanks to a stolen election and cowardly courts,  America no longer leads.  Xi,  Putin, Soros, and Fauci now share world leadership. We may be headed into a 21st Century Dark Age.  Pray!

Two Career #uck-Ups!

December 4th, 2021

What a résumé!   She worked for Hillary in 2016,  then Mayor Marty Walsh in Boston,  then the Biden Campaign in 2020,  – and in 2021 was named Deputy Communication Director for the Biden White House. She just announced she’s leaving the WH to work for her old boss Marty at the Department of Labor.   What […]

Can we trust A-N-Y story from CNN…?  In picking Harris as VP,  Biden took lessons from Obama – picking someone so obnoxious and loathsome that no sniper would risk taking the kill shot.  Now he’s living with the consequences….

It this the demeanor of a man fully in charge of our country,  – or a man frustrated at having to keep all the lies straight in his Swiss-cheese brain…?  Just 1 week ago he was telling a different  story: