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Funny how he keeps getting huge crowds,  – and Biden draws hecklers. Video below the fold:

A failing US Economy is exactly what China wants! 

He is a man without a heart – denying his own birthplace – Cuba. Why does Biden and Mayorkas fear a new wave of Cuban refugees, – while welcoming migrant hordes from Central America…?

If anybody out there thinks the Trump era ended with the stolen election,  he or she better recalculate!  Here is Trump at CPAC Dallas Sunday 11 July 2021.  The sound starts slowly – stay with it…. ————————-SEE THE LEFT’S REACTION——-

She’s doing exactly what her Colorado voters sent her to do – SPEAKING UP!,  and the left hates her already.  AOC attacked immediately,  and even the new Fox News had a snarky comment.

A video has surfaced down in Mexico of a businessman, David León Romero, – counting out cash and handing it to Martín Jesús López Obrador, – the brother of Mexico’s new president. We’re hardly shocked or scandalized.  The Mex$15,000 equals about $7,500 US.   It is the way business is done in most of the Third […]

For the men and women who served in this God-forsaken land,  who lost friends there,  – this video will be hard to watch. I understand.  I felt the same way back when I was forced to read Harry Summer’s book “On Strategy”.  It ate at me….