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Is the Mayor of Cocaine City really ready to give up the racket? 

CPAC 2021: President Donald Trump

February 28th, 2021

Much of Trump’s speech will anger Biden’s handlers and the Left-Wing Media….

RRB thinks we’re looking at a future American President.

NEVER send a boy to do a Man’s Job! Let’s face it – most Democraps don’t even know how to display our American Flag… 

Has Wall Street Finally Woken Up?

February 25th, 2021

Joe Biden is a career cheat,  plagiarizer,  grifter,  and kleptocrat, – who now is obviously suffering from dementia…. After 5 weeks of denial and rising stocks,  have the big money investors begun to sell off – while they can…? How long before Joe is blundering through his first big international crisis – advised by VP […]

Antonio Mugica is a Venezuelan entrepreneur who invented a voting machine which enabled Hugo Chavez to steal an election and become the dictator of that once-prosperous land. Now those machines are widely used in Europe and the Americas,  – most recently here in November 2020,  and again last month in Georgia.   Lou Dobb was fearless […]

Think back Americans – to 2016,  – remember what Trump did, (didn’t even take a salary),  – and understand why these new world communists and thieves hate him so much.  Do you understand why they stole the election? 

Boston’s thoroughly corrupt union thug Mayor Marty “Inflatable Rat” Walsh is headed to Washington to become China Joe’s Secretary of Labor. Before he gets to oversee unemployed oil workers and coal miners learning to build windmills and solar panels – Marty once again demonstrated his utter incompetence.

Rule by Executive Order: Putting predecessor on trial Censorship of opposition