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Other than Kamala Harris and Slow Joe himself,  – she may have been one of the most poorly prepared and badly informed Democrats to ever run….   South Carolina’s 3% finished her campaign. She’ll endorse Creepy Joe (will he hug her?) and go home to her uncle in the tree stand.

Charlie doesn’t even try to hide it;  – he HATES Trump and he despises Real Conservatives and Real Republicans.   On Tuesday he hopes to finish destroying the MassGOP,  – turning it into his personal whorehouse. Let us briefly explain what he’s doing:

ENJOY! Trump At CPAC 2020

February 29th, 2020

Looks like the pollsters better rework their techniques!! Around our Young Republic,  Democrats and Millennials are scraping the bottom of the barrel to find their 2020 challenger to Trump.   South Carolina votes tomorrow (Saturday, Feb 29th ),  – and the ranting old man with obvious mental impairments is seriously leading the old man who still admires […]

The $$$$ Squeeze is coming to some Sanctuary Cities! 77-page decision eviscerates the claims of so-called “Sanctuary Cities and States” and their hiding behind the 10th Amendment.

Catherine White For 3rd Middlesex

February 25th, 2020

We’re up against the Charlie FAKER gang of FAKE Republicans,  – really Democrats in disguise….aka ZOMBIES! By Law (that’s a long sad story) the Mass GOP State Committee must be 40 men and 40 women;  – pairs from each state senate district.  Charlie is spending a FORTUNE to load the committee with like-minded RiNOs and […]

What if,…what IF,…what if only he hadn’t been so headstrong?  Today old-time Democrats know their party is being ripped apart at the seams,  – mostly because of their own doing,  – decades of blaming Republicans and pillorying the Captains of Industry. As their Pied Piper of FREE SHIT leads the Millennial Generation toward Venezuela and Cuba,  Democrats […]

Democrats: they lack honor, vision, ability, and basic counting skills! Monday AM UPDATE:  Bernie CRUSHES the Field!

Bernie Babes Deliver Nevada!

February 23rd, 2020

Common Sense and Basic Math came to die in the ‘Democrat Party’ Caucus Halls of Nevada Saturday.  Once the stuff of fiction, – millennials came and proved they feel justified in voting to kill and eat the rich. Every American who has worked hard to provide a decent life for their families should feel a […]

You didn’t hear about our Special Election in the Mass 37th? Very quietly State Rep Jen “Brillo Head” Benson resigned in December to become a Beacon Hill lobbyist.   She was pushed to do so by the appearance of a very worthy Republican about to take her on this November. Now there is a Special Election […]