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Democrats: they lack honor, vision, ability, and basic counting skills!  

Bernie Babes Deliver Nevada!

February 23rd, 2020

Common Sense and Basic Math came to die in the ‘Democrat Party’ Caucus Halls of Nevada Saturday.  Once the stuff of fiction, – millennials came and proved they feel justified in voting to kill and eat the rich. Every American who has worked hard to provide a decent life for their families should feel a […]

You didn’t hear about our Special Election in the Mass 37th? Very quietly State Rep Jen “Brillo Head” Benson resigned in December to become a Beacon Hill lobbyist.   She was pushed to do so by the appearance of a very worthy Republican about to take her on this November. Now there is a Special Election […]

Their only issues will be who can spiral us into Third World Bankruptcy fastest,  – and who hates Trump’s successes the most. Every damned one of them would lead a re-write of our Constitution,  – to eliminate the Electoral College and our 2nd Amendment,  – but add a fake Equal Rights Amendment to fool the […]

This should be a show worth watching – for the fireworks alone!

To LibTurds,  the answer is simple:  “Just dial 9-1-1!” But real life isn’t simple!  If you’re not ready to deal with homicidal retards,  – at home or on the streets,  – you could be a statistic – that the LibTurds will dismiss as “insignificant”. Beware Americans!   The European slashing spree is HERE!

Some days you read a story so far-fetched and ludicrous you have to wonder if the editors were just filling empty space… This would be Trump’s “dream team” to run against:

It has taken three years,  but President Trump is moving on yet another promise;  – to round up and deport the most violent illegal aliens,  – and where necessary do it in the very heart of Left-Wing “Sanctuary Cities”. He has dispatched ten teams of Border Patrol BORTAC agents into the most egregious liberal cities […]

No sooner did Done-Nothing Amy pop up to 3rd Place in New Hampshire,  – and her past comes racing to the fore to haunt her. Folks, – they’re ALL hypocrites.  Every damned one of them.

Over 11,700 people – with thousands more outside unable to get in.  More than attended ALL of the various Socialist and Democrat rallies statewide – combined! Tomorrow the former Democrat Party will continue their self-destruction (the NH Primary),  – cheered on by the left-wing media.