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Hanging would actually have been the merciful death.  They risked being drawn and quartered.

This is the most solemn weekend of the year,  – when we remember those who took up arms to fight for our liberty and our freedom – and who died doing it.   Some died in a flash,  – in a merciful painless instant;  – others died slowly,  in excruciating agony,  while others starved or froze,  […]

The Left would have you believe as they do,  – that guns are pure evil,  – and that particular gun snuck itself into the girl’s backpack Thursday morning,  – then climbed out by itself and began shooting random people – out of spite.

1SG Callen was a member of the RIARNG and the East Greenwich, RI Police Department.  He died as a result of a skydiving accident in Danielson, CT on Sat, 18 July 2020. Thank God that such men exist and step forward to serve us!

He walked the Walk – and was badly beaten for it!

Yesterday Judge Sullivan delayed (again) the sentencing of General Mike Flynn,  – who recently withdrew his ‘guilty’ plea based on new revelations from the FBI and Justice Department. Judge Emmet Sullivan (Ronald Reagan – 84) knew from the beginning the Fed’s case was bogus; – he just never imagined HOW corrupt the government’s case was […]

22,000 Sincere Thank-Yous!

January 21st, 2020

We Americans who watched and prayed from home owe a HUGE Thank You to the 22,000+ American Patriots who put on a show of force in Richmond, Virginia Monday. Those men and women went forth – in the cold,  – many traveling great distances to get there, – to stand up to age-old gun-grabbing imperial tyranny!  They […]

RIP: John Donald Imus Jr.

December 27th, 2019