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CAUTION!   View this video with healthy skepticism. I was 12 when the announcement of a breakthrough Polio Vaccine by Doctor Jonas Salk made international news.  It was thought to be a miracle.  Nobody had to be pressured or coerced into getting it for their kids. I measure that 1955 event against the enormous pressure today […]

This man has never read our Constitution – or even understood a single sentence of it…   Right now he wants to distract you from Afghanistan and China, – by creating a domestic legal crisis. He announced Executive Orders (totally ILLEGAL) to require ALL government employees, contractors, and private employers with over 100 employees to mandate […]

After Justice Alito granted a 4-day stay to the 5th Circuit’s Decision – upholding the Stay-in-Mexico ruling,  – the full court refused to consider the appeal.  The Circuit Court’s Decision STANDS!

Stand UP For Derrick Wilburn!

August 18th, 2021

You,  – your kids,  – and your grandkids will pay for this for at least 100 years. $1 Trillion for “infrastructure”,   – and NOTHING for the WALL?

The brains and courage to stand up to the establishment Nazis! 

A failing US Economy is exactly what China wants! 

Admits the Biden White House is “working with” Facebook to monitor and “correct disinformation” about Covid… This is hardly “Public Health”.  This is the private social media giant run by Mark Zuckerberg acting as the information arm of the US Government.   And he may actually be an agent of Red China. 

America’s Democrat-run inner cities are third-world war zones.  For 2 years Democrats have chanted in unison “Defund the Police / Re imagine the Police”.  George Soros prosecutors have let thugs out of jail with no bail.  What Trump was fixing is now laying on the sidewalks bleeding out. Biden knows what needs to be done.  […]