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The way to Salmonella Poisoning goes through the incompetent Democrat Know-it-Alls do-gooders of the Acton-Boxborough Schools. No kidding Folks,  – we just got the urgent reverse 911 call from Peter Light,  – the Superintendent of AB Schools.  They issued out 40 free lunches – containing UNCOOKED hamburgers.  If you got one – you shouldn’t eat […]

The Left-Wing Media runs headlines about a major defeat for Trump,  – ignores that some 700,000+ DACA kids – now mostly grown, – are taking jobs that poor Black and Hispanic kids (US Citizens) will never get. Noteworthy for the moment is that once again Chief Justice Roberts sided with the LibTurds – and gleefully […]

America’s most incompetent (and arrogant) government agency – rivaling the FBI… After America’s wives and mothers emptied the store shelves,…some answers are due.

I expected a LOT of police,  but today’s show of force in Swampscott was over the top,  – clearly meant to intimidate honest hard-working citizens.  It failed.  You’d have thought that President Trump was paying a visit to Chicken Charlie FAKER,  – but the truth is FAKER was likely elsewhere, – in hiding – trying […]

Not everybody in Massachusetts is living in fear of the Wuhan Chinese Bat Flu. We think you’ve over-reacted and over-reached in your attempt to unseat Trump.   Do you really want Fast Finger Joe…?

Northlake Baptist Church Pastor Danny Jones of Gainesville, GA walks you through some recent history about the key players of the New World Order. As we post this on RRB,  the video is only a day old,  – you should expect YouTube to kill it soonly, – so watch and share before they do it.

Michigan’s MoonBat Anti-Trump Governor Gretchen Whitmer is feeling voter back-lash – BIG TIME! When they come this heavily armed,  your arbitrary actions and executive orders have gotten their attention!

California’s boy governor – 52-year old Gavin Newsom,  is drunk on POWER!   Pissed that people have been going to the beach (fresh air / salt water / exercise) – he has threatened to close every beach in California today. Keep it up Newsom,  and you’ll turn California’s 37 million people into Republicans!   Do you have […]

Two California doctors have concluded that the LOCKDOWN reaction to COVID is essentially a hoax (maybe a sinister one) and health-wise is a terrible idea. TWO VIDEOS:  Strongly urge you to watch,  – these videos may be taken down,  – since they go against the Media Groupthink (game-plan):

It was a clear case of mixed messages in front of Charlie’s otherwise quiet Swampscott home. We wondered if Charlie’s tit-grabber son AJ was home, – looking out the windows? video