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ATTENTION MITT ROMNEY: This election is NOT about YOU! YOU don’t matter – so long as you promise to reverse the damage caused by this Kenyan imposter. BUT, you DO HAVE TO FIGHT for the CHANCE. Stop being a Mormon Choir Boy; get on your stump and start fighting!

Many people have asked Mrs RR and me which were our favorite speakers from this year’s CPAC.  This will be time well-spent to watch any or all of these. I’m going to list a few that we both thought were inspirational in both delivery and message.  The first is Daniel Hannan, Member of European Parliament.  His […]

As of today, I’m voting for Newt.  I have resisted making a choice until yesterday.  I heard what all 3 speakers said at CPAC.  (Ron didn’t show)  I watched what Newt said live, and talked to others and looked at the videos of the other two. My criteria are simple (since I already believe that most […]