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Joe Biden is a lifelong habitual liar,  – the kind who lies instinctively – even when the truth would actually serve him better.  Bill Clinton and Obama are the same way. His compulsive lying and reversing the truth of his own past may be an insight to his personality – that he thinks the rest […]

If Biden spent the last three days rehearing sound bites, – it blew up on him last night in Nashville.   Even Moderator Kristen Welker of NBC couldn’t fully protect Biden from his smirking, bumbling, sarcastic inner being.  But her bias was obvious. Trump again showed great restraint and discipline,  – as he time and again […]

The media said Biden was home “doing debate prep”…

For a so-called lawyer,  Joe Biden proved himself tonight to be a man of extremely limited – and extremely bombastic – vocabulary.   Listening to him say “ # 1 and #2” for 4 years will drive us all insane… Trump set out at the beginning to rattle Biden,  – and it worked.  He even had Chris […]

Karma Comes To Evil Jerry Nadler

September 25th, 2020

Fat Jerry and his pal Adam Shift led the failed impeachment probe into Trump.   It seems that Mother Nature paid him back a little – and in public,  – Thursday.   Long overdue!

Forest Fires Nearing Portland

September 11th, 2020

God’s Wrath?   Given the commies Portland citizens have been voting for,  – we could ~ almost ~ be rooting for the fire…. We’re SURE all those nice young AntiFA and BLM folks will immediately volunteer to help fight the fires….

It’s hardly just Democraps who hate Trump,….it’s the whole New World Order.   Our American President is blocking their plans. Does this help explain people like Romney, Tired Jeb Bush, Meg Whitman, Bezos, Gates, and Soros?

It was supposed to be a B-I-G EVENT – Biden emerging from his bunker to make an IMPORTANT policy speech on Monday.   Turns out to have been a total farce! Biden flew 470 miles round trip – to make a 28 minute speech,  – to just 6 reporters and camera people,  in an empty building.

The ONLY kinds of energy Newsom wants to hear about are green and renewable;  – wind, solar, and ~ maybe ~ hydro-electric,  – if the fish aren’t endangered. He spends taxpayer money to send illegals to state colleges (your kids can’t get in),  but closes carbon-fueled generating plants,  – and fails to fund state forest […]

It’s a ‘virtual convention’ – meaning no crowds of horny National Committee Critters in town looking for love in all the wrong hotel bars… It’s a ‘virtual convention’ in another important way too;  – most of those attending – either in person or by remote hook-up – are not Democrats.  They’re World Socialists,  Globalists,  – […]