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The world’s richest man has a very warped view of the USA,  – and of the human race in general.  He believes there are billions too many of us. If you’re thinking that the left-wing multi-billionaire is just diversifying his portfolio – you’re very naïve…

A Christmas Miracle in New Mexico?   Democrat Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has just put a screeching halt to the pipe dream of “Free College for Everybody”. From the very beginnings of politics,  charlatans have always attempted “Bread and Circus”,  – the buying of votes from the non-productive inhabitants using the moneys taxed from their productive […]

Will Lockdown Charlie let the plow drivers drop their masks?

Three doctors – each with an agenda and perhaps craving power,  – are to be named as co-chairs of the Biden COVID Task Force. Will they urge a nationwide MASK MANDATE?  A National Curfew?  Postponing all vaccines for another year of ‘trials’?  NONE of them has experience in epidemiology. But they DO make a nice […]

“…record number of Americans of all races, faiths, religions, chose change over more of the same.  They’ve given us a mandate for action on COVID,  the economy,  climate change,  systemic racism.”   VIDEO:

Happy Coronavirus Halloween!

October 31st, 2020

Tough to explain to your kids that so many governors and mayors aren’t really afraid of the virus;  – they’re afraid of losing control and losing to Trump!

Joe Biden is a lifelong habitual liar,  – the kind who lies instinctively – even when the truth would actually serve him better.  Bill Clinton and Obama are the same way. His compulsive lying and reversing the truth of his own past may be an insight to his personality – that he thinks the rest […]