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The search for the Lowest Common Denominator…  He needs to pick one that will help carry a battleground state,  – but who will not scare edgy Whites as BLM has cities burning. His problem:  having been backed into the “Black Female Corner”,  – all he’s got to look at are seriously flawed and scary women.

We keep seeing reports on various news outlets – teachers who ‘are scared’ or worse – refusing to return to the classroom when their various governors and mayors allow schools to reopen. Some say they “…won’t return until it’s safe!” Really?

New Yorkers are ratting each other out – settling old grudges,  – even sending in video. But a murder or rape…?   “I didn’t see nuttin’ Officer!”

He understands Americans, – AND our Constitution! I can’t wait for the first LibTurd governor marched out in handcuffs! 

A number of you left-wing governors across our land are using the Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic to trample our Constitution and micro-manage our lives … But Fate,  Karma,  and Mother Nature just might gang up to humiliate you;  – so you might want to reconsider your dictatorial actions and your imperial attitudes.

America’s most incompetent (and arrogant) government agency – rivaling the FBI… After America’s wives and mothers emptied the store shelves,…some answers are due.

In his quest for the Nobel Prize he will destroy our economy!   This is the guy who sent Cheryl Mills an email to tell Hillary “We love her!” Fauci doesn’t consider himself as an AMERICAN,  – he is a true Globalist,  – and he seems to have decided decades ago that the Chinese model suits […]

Tone-deaf or just brain-dead…? 

Hypocrites Like Big Tits?   He’s the epidemiologist professor who came up with the curves proving all of England would die if the Government didn’t place the island nation in LOCKDOWN! She’s the political activist married mom who broke Lockdown and went across London looking for some extra-curricular extra credit – in his place.

Northlake Baptist Church Pastor Danny Jones of Gainesville, GA walks you through some recent history about the key players of the New World Order. As we post this on RRB,  the video is only a day old,  – you should expect YouTube to kill it soonly, – so watch and share before they do it.