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Canada’s Justin Trudeau – a confirmed left-wing libtards,  – comes to meet Donald Trump at the White House today. He’s been there before;  – he became good buddies with Obama.  Now he’s meeting an adult president….

The Left Is Having A Shit-Fit!

December 12th, 2016

So are some members of the ‘Republican Party’…. Since one of our most pressing problems is a chronic shortage of cheap,  reliable energy,   – why isn’t the president of a world-wide energy company a great choice for SecState? Would the left prefer a failed bankrupt MoonBat?

Damned tough to claim you’re “fighting for the Middle Class”,  – when the guy endorsing you is worth $63 BILLION! If a schemer like Warren Buffett fears Trump enough to back the Evil Shrew,  – you know the fat cats are now taking Donald seriously.   AND you can see that the Democrats are NO LONGER the […]

Like a Shakespearean play,  – jealous,  petty,  and evil players lurk in the background,  – waiting for the Queen to stumble.   Iowa and then New Hampshire are the likely places, – – if the FBI doesn’t move first…. Bloomberg,  Brown,  Biden,  Warren,  and Kerry,  – each want to be President someday.  Each comes with their […]

Thank You Bobby Jindal!

November 17th, 2015

Governor Jindal has suspended his quest for the presidency. Always the underdog,  he ran a clean issue-focused campaign,  and continues to do an outstanding job as Governor of Louisiana,  – having cleaned up the mess left to him by that blithering idiot grandmother Kathleen Blanco. Bobby would make an outstanding SecEnergy or SecInterior in the […]

Jake Brewer: You Won’t Be Missed

September 20th, 2015

“Senior Policy Adviser” sounds V E R Y important;   – so does White House Office of Science and Technology Policy…. …until you do a little googling and discover that this particular White House office is staffed with 112 highly paid people – not including several ‘vacancies’. Jake was killed Saturday….

After being pResident, – he clearly wants to hang with the rich liberals of the Sierra Club than have a beer with the union workers who voted for him, – so screw them! With a waive of his mighty pen, – and a phone call to the Dept of Energy, – he scuttled the refitting […]

Republican Cassidy crushes Louisiana Purchase by 56:44 Landrieu CRUSHED in runoff! Abraham (LA 5th) and Graves (LA 6th) both won their races 2:1 too… A really bad night for Obama!

18 years leading the Beautiful Life in the swirl of Washington DC Cocktail Society,  and now she has no friends left back home in Louisiana. Seems folks remember – bitterly – when she sold them out over ObamaCare – and made a national joke of herself as “The Louisiana Purchase!” The runoff election there is tomorrow – […]