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In just 8 days – Sept 14th, – some 22,000,000 registered California voters (likely includes several million illegals) will either drop off their ballots,  – or mail them in.   Liberal Governor Gavin Newsom’s future is on the line. At an insider’s rally for Newsom (attended by VP Kneepads and Senator Squaw) newly elected Calif State […]

China Joe Biden wants a Nobel Peace Prize – like Obama’s. He was so focused on ‘his moment in history’,  – standing on Ground Zero and making a speech how he’d JUST ENDED America’s Longest War…. ….that he never understood that the ENEMY gets a VOTE.  Joe didn’t ‘end a war’ – he ushered in […]


August 27th, 2021

NOTE: As usual youtube is screwing with Trump,  – requires you to view this on THEIR site – and verify your age…. 

While there may still be some honorable patriots within the FBI,  the upper echelons are all left-wing political operatives – dishonest to the core and treasonous to our Constitution.   Dinesh D’Souza explains their latest conundrum,  – the January 6th insurrection lie: Sad state of affairs:  we can’t trust our pResident,  – can’t trust VP Kneepads,  […]

Taliban Getting Ready To Fly?

August 26th, 2021

There is no way to know exactly who was at the controls, – but this clip appears to show Taliban fighters taxing a captured Afghan Air Force Blackhawk. You should expect most of the equipment China Joe abandoned in place will end up in evil hands,  – and be used against both innocent people and […]

Can’t wait for Newsom to blame his raging forest fires on “Global Warming”,  – and of course on Trump!

An American Whore In Singapore

August 23rd, 2021

Why isn’t she over in the UAE or Uzbekistan personally directing rescue efforts? Maybe filling her pockets is much more important?

Fooling gullible voters seems so easy….but delivering and performing,…not so easy.  Why?

He ~ thought ~ he’d make history by ending our longest war.