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Members of the crowd showed no respect or reverence for the dementia patient. McAuliffe is one of the most corrupt and dirty Democraps in the nation.  Why do Biden’s handlers think he needs to be seen supporting him…?

If they were White kids being shot – would the Liberal Media start to care?

Backed into a corner with the evidence,  Faucl calls Senator / Doctor Rand Paul a LIAR! After denying it in sworn testimony for over a year,  – leaked emails have PROVEN that Fauci was FUNDING gain-of-function research at China’s Wuhan Germ Warfare Lab.

The MassGOP State Committeeman from Newton (First Middlesex & Norfolk) has resigned as the 1st Vice Chair of the MassGOP – snared in a web of deceit. Tom has always claimed to be a Trump supporter,  – claimed he caught COVID at the White House.  He’s the kind of supporter no candidate needs.

Admits the Biden White House is “working with” Facebook to monitor and “correct disinformation” about Covid… This is hardly “Public Health”.  This is the private social media giant run by Mark Zuckerberg acting as the information arm of the US Government.   And he may actually be an agent of Red China. 

He is a man without a heart – denying his own birthplace – Cuba. Why does Biden and Mayorkas fear a new wave of Cuban refugees, – while welcoming migrant hordes from Central America…?

Biden’s new SecLabor isn’t looking back.  For over 7 years as Mayor of Boston he defied the Federal Government and ran Boston as a “Sanctuary City”,  – refusing to cooperate with ICE.  Now we’re starting to learn what was slipping through the cracks. Now we all get to clean up Marty’s liberal trash – including […]

When he first ran for mayor in 2013,  lifelong communist Bill de Blasio thought he could turn NYC into a Utopian example of 21st Century Communist success.   His first moves were to vilify the cops.  He played the race card. Eight years later his streets have become shooting galleries. There were 462 murders in NYC […]

As in many schools around our country – elected board members,  – usually liberals of mediocre backgrounds,  – have suddenly become strutting popinjays of WOKENESS,  – and are exercising powers not granted by any Constitution or Laws. Knowing instinctively they are on dangerous legal and social quicksand,  they are making brash pronouncements and enacting policies […]