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After awhile we have to conclude…Obama is a military genius working for international Jihad and the establishment of a 21st Century Caliphate. Try to remember 2011 – when while on ‘vacation’ in Brazil, Obama ordered US forces to bomb Gaddafi who was already under siege from al Qaeda-aligned ‘rebels’. Gaddafi was eventually killed.

This morning Egypt has a new President – and vexing problems dating back thousands of years. The country is swarming with suicidal Islamists, and life is dirt cheap there. Recent history does not bring reassurance. Egypt is the birthplace [cira 1926-8] of the Muslim Brotherhood – the granddaddy of all the Islamic terrorist groups. They […]

The Week Obama Shrank Our Country

September 12th, 2013

He did it!  The USA is no longer a respected world super-power! The only words that fit these New World Socialist Democrats are conceiving and inept. Obama’s scheme to remake the Muslim World – in the image

ATTN: Republicans In Congress

September 3rd, 2013

SCREW Syria! SCREW Obama Too! We’ve known about Syrian stocks of poison gas since before 9/11. If it wasn’t a problem for Clinton or Bush… – why is is suddenly worth starting a war? ONLY ONE REASON: Obama needs to keep your eyes off what he did in Benghazi! The amateur community organizer with his secret […]

The “New Pharaoh” misjudged, Hillary bungled and lied, our people were murdered, thousands are dying, and America’s image is reduced to a bad joke. Inside of 4 years the government of Egypt has fallen – TWICE – and each time Obama and his cartel of new world socialists have NO CLUE….

From Egypt – without love!  We can only assume the subtitles are ~ sort of ~ accurate… A lot probably depends on tone and inflection, – so we will appreciate any knowledgeable comments from native Arabic speakers. Pretty clear that Obama hasn’t done us any favors in Egypt.  Video below the fold,  and it’s funny even […]

Obama’s Bad Bad Week

July 5th, 2013

Self-inflated peacock was strutting across Africa – while Muslim Brotherhood buddy Morsi is put under house arrest. A foreign policy disaster of epic proportion – and Lurch goes sailing.

Maybe the better question: – CAN HE? On our 237th National Birthday – we are a mighty nation – founded by self-reliant God-fearing people who were led by brave reverend patriotic heroes. Today we’ve become a nation of brainwashed government-dependent class-divided subservient Kool-Aid drinkers led by a cartel of godless socialist elitists. It took just […]

Obama is returning from his $100+ Million Dollar African ‘tour’.  While he was over there – Egypt has erupted in anti-Morsi and anti-Muslim Brotherhood revolt.  Obama’s name is being linked to both in the streets.   These are very bad legacy points. What sage advice can Susan Rice give to her returning boss?