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“The Wind Did It….”

March 24th, 2021

Blood-Soaked Al-Rawda Prayer Rugs

November 25th, 2017

109 wounded – 335 dead, – to teach you a LESSON! There are big differences between the church in Sutherland, Texas and the Al-Rawda Mosque in Egypt,  – and tragically – similarities.

Why did Huma FEAR for her LIFE?

October 31st, 2016

Huma started out as a Muslim Brotherhood mole,  – became a Hillary admirer, ~ possibly ~ her lesbian lover, – and finally her totally trusted high-level State Department assistant and key insider. Did she realize one day that she’d witnessed and been made part of too much evil?  Did the word ARKANCIDE suddenly take on […]

    …and claims THEY shot down the Russian passenger jet over the Sinai – killing 224 people – including 25 kids.   Egyptian officials say they’ve got the black boxes,   so this claim may be proven an exaggerated propaganda boast,  – but ISIS delights in claiming responsibility for tragedies. Meanwhile, just remember Qaddafi’s 20,000 ManPADS that […]

We are now OFFICIALLY a Second-Rate Nation;  – no longer the leading force for Freedom in the world. Putin just told Obama to clear out of Syrian airspace, – he’s taking over.  If you’re a left-wing DemoCrap – you’re cheering this development, – the fulfillment of your Obama orgasm…  If you understand History, – you […]

Just imagine – you’ve got a great job working for the Clintons; – – then just two years later – you get sent to prison – FOR LIFE! Would you feel abandoned and betrayed?  What about all that Egyptian aid money you sent to the Clinton Global Initiative?  Another sucker bites the dust!

Bad news for Hillary!  Remember Obama’s speech in Cairo?  Remember his plan to topple all the heads of Arab government across North Africa and the Middle East,  – replacing them with his Muslim Brotherhood buddies? Remember when Mohammed Morsi hijacked the “Arab Spring” movement in Egypt and seized power? Well, he didn’t last long…. 

In his “I’m so much smarter than Bush” arrogance,  Mister Obama vacated Iraq using the cover story that al Maliki refused to sign a status-of-forces agreement. That was a bullshit lie, – a cover story, – because al Maliki was in no position to refuse, if we’d done a little arm-twisting. A stay-behind stabilization force […]

Shown in 3.5 minutes….. Yes, the stretch of land between the Suez Canal – along the coast through Gaza – to Tel Aviv – is the bloodiest piece of ground in the world.