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More Communism From Union Teachers

September 19th, 2021

Growing up – did you have the kind of teachers who wanted you to succeed,  – or the kind worried about their paychecks, benefits, and tenure…? Today the union teachers want a test which shows that a student “improved”;  – but NOT a test which demonstrates they can READ to a minimal required level – […]

The Leander Independent School District is in Leander – just 10 miles north of über-liberal Austin, Texas,  – an otherwise conservative state.  Listen to what one mother found in a book her son brought home.    WHO is putting this POISON in our schools?   VIDEO:

Do you think that by now Faker is regretting his 4 years of snide anti-Trump rhetoric?  Anybody remember the last time it took Massachusetts guardsmen to get kids safely to school in Boston?

In 2021 and 2022 the emerging business will be finding,  identifying,  and removing offensive rocks.  Emotionally fragile Black college students will be greatly relieved! On Friday,  August 6th – the offending and obviously racist rock was hauled away….

It is a recurring theme in human history;  – granting even a little POWER to the wrong people will have significant and long-term bad results. Watch the video below the fold – as School Board Commissar Chris McCune forgets who he works for and snatches the microphone from school mom Anita Edgarian (an Iranian immigrant […]

Destroyed From Within….

July 25th, 2021

A reading of History,  – from many cultures and across many millennium,  – will cause you to understand that the slave rebellion is a recurring theme.  It even happened here in Colonial America – several times.  Go look it up. Now comes a group of ungrateful slave descendants and immigrant descendants,  – whose ancestors never […]

There are millions of Americans – of all backgrounds and races, – who were willing to let the BLM and CRT cults run their course,…as did the Black Panthers back in the 1960s.

Somebody wanted 18-yr old Ladarius Clardy of Pensacola Florida seriously, absolutely, and totally D-E-A-D.   They fired 50 (fifty) bullets into the driver’s side of his car.  His high school teammate Eric Young age 19 was wounded,  – but will live.

We have to report this news with tongue-in-cheek.   Former 4-term State Rep (7th Plymouth) and failed State Senate (2015) and US Senate (2018) candidate Geoff Diehl has announced his run for Governor of MassHole (as a Republican),  – before Charlie Faker has had a chance to decide on running for a Third Term. Geoff’s problems […]