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There was a single wacko protester who got in wearing a MAGA hat; – this video doesn’t show his departure…

They acted as if they’d all grown up in Pre-Civil War America, – in a nation run by robber barons and plantation owners. Not one of them had anything positive to say about the Nation which shed the blood of millions of it’s sons to liberate our slaves, Europe, and Asia – long before they […]

At the upper layer of stupid was the feigned outrage these office workers were spinning,  – that they “couldn’t bear the idea of providing beds to kids in cages”…  And with that emotion spent, their thinking stopped. Without the beds, W-H-E-R-E did they think the kids would be sleeping?  In Holiday Inns? RRB has a […]

Connecticut voters keep voting for über-liberals,  – who keep spending money they don’t have on illegals…. Dan Malloy bankrupted the state – and is on to his new gig in Maine,  – while UTC packs their bags and moves elsewhere….

Mexico has run the numbers, added up the pluses and minuses, and seen the light. They may have also come to understand that THIS America President isn’t like any they’ve ever known before…. They’ve agreed to take back and hold – on T-H-E-I-R side of the border – any migrants (Pelosi voters) we catch coming […]

While the Impeachment Party spends their time trying to hogtie Trump, – his policies have Americans working again – in record numbers. The Chinese – like most Americans – are totally unused to having an AMERICAN President.  Certainly our left-wing media sellouts can’t figure out why we Americans support Trump!

For 30 long months we’ve heard nothing but ‘Russian Collusion’ and ‘Obstruction’ and daily predictions about ‘Impeachment’…. Suddenly the anti-Trumpers have a new wail,… “Trump’s TRADE WAR with China….”   Oh woe is us,…we’re all gonna die!

Goodell, who got a BIG (undisclosed) RAISE from his 2015 salary of $31.7 million, – could have stopped the protest kneeling with one swift edict,  and ~ maybe ~ one forfeited game. But he wanted to be a politically correct pussy,  so he let a minority of Black players (millionaires) cast a racist shadow over […]

Trump’s apparent resolve to impose long-threatened tariffs on certain Chinese goods seems to have Chinese President Xi in the mood to call his bluff.  Stock markets in China and the US have taken notice…. The stock market has always been a lousy indicator of American resolve,  – and this American President understands that we cannot […]

Green Bay: Sat nite 27 April 2019:   President Trump was again very publicly boycotting the snarky White House Correspondents’ Dinner,  – which last year saw ‘comedian’ Michelle Wolfe savage Press Secretary Sarah Sanders…. …so this year our very down-to-earth President gave her the spotlight,  and she totally rocked the house!  video: