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SPECIFIC MANDATORY SAFETY STANDARDS!  No longer about “Flattening the Curve”, – – it’s now “STOPPING the Spread!” He ran as a “Liberal Republican”,   governed for 5 years as a gun-phobic tax-happy Progressive,  – and now with the Commonwealth on its economic knees,  – reveals himself to be a willing National Socialist Dictator,  – with a […]

David E. Martin, PhD may be a kook, – or he may be a genius,  – but he sure brings up some cogent facts about the “Expert” Dr. Anthony Fauci.  Has one selfish narcissist led our Nation into financial ruin for his own ego…? Dr. Martin was formerly with the Darden Graduate School of Business […]

Allegedly “banned by YouTube”,  – we found it on YouTube,  – but comments had been turned off. Feel free to leave comments here!

Now look at the next map,…draw your own conclusions…

There are probably still some LibTurd Americans who believe the Communist Chinese Government is a respectable and responsible “Global Partner” in the 21st Century.  They should be issued one-way tickets to Wuhan.  Lou Dobbs interviews Peter Navarro,  – who explains how China moved to deliberately infect the world,  – while at the same time make outrageous […]

All the yapping voices on the left are consistent;  – they’re demanding a disease-free world before they reopen their states from the lockdown. They want a perfect world,  100% testing (no clue how),  a 100% vaccine,  a 100% magic cure pill (so long as it’s not Trump’s hydroxychloroquine), – and the Federal Government to keep […]

Vernon Jones is a 2-term Democrat State Rep in Georgia,  – from the Lithonia-Conyers area.  He has just sent a shiver of cold fear through the Democrat Party. Figuratively, Jones is facing a lynching;  – only it will be Black Georgia Democrats coming with with a rope,  – to force him out of their anti-Trump […]

As advertising revenue dries up, hundreds of local papers,  – and some big ones,  – are about to furlough or lay off staff,  – as others ‘close’ for the duration. They were already struggling in the years before Coronavirus. Who will print the obituaries now…? 

White House Task Force dealing with two (2) computer models of the plague;  – both have a worst-case outcome of 2,200,000 dead,  – if mitigation steps aren’t followed. Some members of the media determined to write anti-Trump stories no matter what facts they’re given.