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The formerly-Catholic Mount St. Joseph University is in Cincinnati, Ohio (a long way for a dementia patient to go),  – but despite the hype of a ‘Secret Location’, – nobody came to listen. CNN and the WH Staff should be embarrassed, – the 1050 hall was damn near empty.

While we should not judge the majority of ANY people on the actions of a few,  – the recent rioting in parts of South Africa – an all-Black nation with only a tiny White population of farmers,  – should cause some Americans to re-think their politics. If you didn’t hear about the South African riots […]

A failing US Economy is exactly what China wants! 

In these past 4 years shooting have more than doubled,  – murders occur in broad daylight….  But in the mayor’s mind,  individual people don’t count for much; – pizza toppings do! He was asked on a radio show when he was going to use that $6 Billion to hire enough cops…. His answer was stunning:  […]

Wild Bill Finlay has always had the courage to speak out on controversial and delicate social issues, – and do so in plain-spoken English,  seasoned with occasional humor.  Here is 4 minutes of common sense: As we post this video we wonder how many Black Americans and Liberal White Globalists can tell you how many […]

You ~ might ~ say “He’s back!” – – but the fact is THIS President never left us! Ask yourself….where have you seen Bill Clinton or Barack Obama draw crowds like this after they were president…?

Democrats are happy.  They ~ think ~ Biden will finish Obama’s work and reverse all of Trump’s good deeds and patriotic ideas.  They ~ think ~ we’re headed to World Government….

THIS is the American Patriot who should STILL be President! 

In government since 1971, has Biden grown smarter,  – or just more crooked?  Is he even capable of dealing with the 21st Century threats coming at us…? Ken Olsen – founder of DEC, – once asked:  “Why would anybody want a computer at home?”   DEC no longer exists.

They’ll be discussing COVID Lockdowns and Biden’s $4 trillion economic plan,  – which includes his $2.3 trillion American Jobs Plan and his $1.8 trillion American Families Plan. QUESTION:  Will they discuss their wayward sons, – Hunter’s drug use and falsified ATF questionnaire,  – and young AJ’s molesting a sleeping woman on a flight from DC.  […]