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He was so calm, so cool and aloof when he was running for governor 2 years ago, – maybe even a little smug…   Now between a rogue lesbian AG rewriting the State’s gun laws, – and a couple of goons abusing their new state offices,….he’s starting to look a lot like Mike Dukakis defending his […]

John O’Mara Assumes New Duties!

September 9th, 2016

If ever I thought a guy would live long enough to bury me, – it was John O’Mara! Seems Barbara went to church last Sunday,  – came home and found him dead.  Damn-it John,  – you should’a gone with her!

Arizona State Rep [yes Democrat] got herself arrested and charged with three counts of Food Stamp Fraud…$1,726 worth over three years…. Ceci states on her State House bio that she is a proud second-generation Mexican-American with 5 kids and a grandchild….  And she’s a paralegal….so she’ll have a good understanding of the charges…

The American Democrat Party – the Party of slavery,  the Civil War,  the KKK,  night riders and lynching,  Jim Crow laws, Colored Sections,  forced abortions and sterilizations,  and the Black Welfare Voter Plantation…has chosen their new standard bearer…. Desperate to ‘make history’ with a First Woman President;  – in a nation of 324 million people, […]

17 months into his term he ‘suddenly’ reversed Duh-val Patrick’s racist stance on State Cops and Secure Communities? Is Charlie tossing us a bone to quell the Bathroom Bill uproar?

What could you do with $40,000 of your own money? Our Massachusetts Senate President wants to “Eat the Rich” – to the tune of another $40,000 per year each [minimum].  How many small businesses will he shut down and drive over the New Hampshire border?   How many more jobs lost?

“Never attribute to stupidity that which can be adequately explained by RiNO malice!” Somehow,…somewhere,…the bankrupt MassGOP just ‘found’ $215K to finish paying off the Mark Fisher lawsuit.   Who put up that kind of cash…Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush?

Obama Nudges Biden [Conditionally]

September 23rd, 2015

Says Clown has to run with a token VP….to earn his ‘endorsement’? WoW!    Obama thinks he’s going to be the Kingmaker?

WHAT THE FUCK CHARLIE BAKER??? WHAT are three (3) foster kids doing living in PUBLIC HOUSING – with a mother who already has three (3) of her own?!?

We can only bear our ignominious disgrace in stoic silence, – since RiNOs outnumber Patriots on the 80-member State Committee,  and you don’t get another chance to dump them until March 2016. Just 86 days ago our voters elected a RiNO as governor [yes, Charlie was way better than Coakley] and sent all 8 incumbent […]