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It was happening – maybe for years – in the very shadow of City Hall,  the Federal Building,  and just 1/3 mile (1900 feet) from Baker’s Office.   6 scumbags were selling Mass Driver’s Licenses to illegals – and registering them to vote. At RRB we have to ask why it took the Mass State Police […]

“But it feels so good to raise teacher salaries…   And Government Workers need more,  – so let’s raise taxes again.  Businesses can pay!” Hartford Connecticut – once the epitome of a soundly managed capital city,  – just hired a bankruptcy attorney.  They’re in over their heads and businesses are fleeing!

Last night “two rival gang members met by chance” near the Macy’s shoe department in the Braintree Mall – south of Boston.   One or both of them began shooting. This morning the Media won’t reveal WHICH GANGS were involved…?  Maybe because Boston has so many the cops aren’t sure…?

BEWARE of stinky people:  Pot became legal today! As if driving to and from work wasn’t already dangerous enough,  MassHole’s know-it-ALL LibTurd voters made marijuana legal as of today.  There is a whole new crop of impaired drivers out there,…just waiting to kill you!

He was so calm, so cool and aloof when he was running for governor 2 years ago, – maybe even a little smug…   Now between a rogue lesbian AG rewriting the State’s gun laws, – and a couple of goons abusing their new state offices,….he’s starting to look a lot like Mike Dukakis defending his […]

John O’Mara Assumes New Duties!

September 9th, 2016

If ever I thought a guy would live long enough to bury me, – it was John O’Mara! Seems Barbara went to church last Sunday,  – came home and found him dead.  Damn-it John,  – you should’a gone with her!

Arizona State Rep [yes Democrat] got herself arrested and charged with three counts of Food Stamp Fraud…$1,726 worth over three years…. Ceci states on her State House bio that she is a proud second-generation Mexican-American with 5 kids and a grandchild….  And she’s a paralegal….so she’ll have a good understanding of the charges…

The American Democrat Party – the Party of slavery,  the Civil War,  the KKK,  night riders and lynching,  Jim Crow laws, Colored Sections,  forced abortions and sterilizations,  and the Black Welfare Voter Plantation…has chosen their new standard bearer…. Desperate to ‘make history’ with a First Woman President;  – in a nation of 324 million people, […]

17 months into his term he ‘suddenly’ reversed Duh-val Patrick’s racist stance on State Cops and Secure Communities? Is Charlie tossing us a bone to quell the Bathroom Bill uproar?