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Xi Xinping’s hand-picked agent to be sworn in! We suffered through 8 years of the hate-filled gay Muslim,  – now we’ll suffer through his life insurance policy,  – China Joe and his Hoe! American Democrats (aka Communist Globalists) turned away the American Patriot who was making them wealthy and free from foreign domination and energy […]

Read Article I, § 3,  Para 7.  They want Trump in prison! The Swamp has their narrative: “Trump incited a RIOT! People DIED!” What better way to divert attention from voting machines and a stolen election, – than to impeach,  try,  and convict an innocent President,  – then try him AGAIN in Federal Criminal Court…? […]

Who Is Chasing You Robert DeLeo?

December 28th, 2020

The Speaker’s sudden announcement that he’s stepping down from the State House as of December 29th (full moon BTW),  makes us think that somebody has tipped him off that it’s time to find a nice little country with no extradition treaty….

Watch the clip as Biden calls Fox reporter Peter Doocy “…a one-horse pony”….  And he’s to be trusted with nuclear codes…?

Trump’s second lackluster Attorney General is quitting early – a back-handed slap at the boss he came to hate. Barr will be remembered for all the opportunities to slap the cuffs on traitors that he let slip through his fingers,  – no better than Jeff Sessions.  He winked at the 2020 election fraud.

Our First Third World pResident?

December 13th, 2020

For over 140 years we’ve been chiding banana republics for holding the exact kind of corrupt elections we just held…

Sidney Powell Speaks In Georgia

December 3rd, 2020

There is NO WAY China Joe Bribe’em can ever be considered a real president;  – but he has neither the honor nor the faculties to understand why the Chinese want him in office….

Given the vast differences between the Trump rallies and Biden’s diminutive circle gatherings, – this is the vote result Americans were expecting. Did massive voter fraud – software tinkering in the machines controlled from overseas – change Trump votes to votes for China Joe?  There are whispers on the internet that the USA has the […]

A DOJ Swamp Creature RESIGNS!

November 10th, 2020

Richard C. Pilger has spent 20+ years ‘investigating’ election crimes.  Today his true self was revealed – when he quit in a very public huff! This self-righteous pillar of moral decency was offended when AG Bill Barr told the DOJ and FBI to see if there had been widespread and / or coordinated election fraud to […]